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5 Ways To Earn Money Online And Offline

Jul 16, 2008
Now many people talk about making more money. Many dream about winning the lottery, but what about actually doing it. I mean going out there and grabbing it. The rich get richer and the poor get screwed over. But I have noticed, there are a lot of rags to riches stories online. They cant all be lying can they?

I got looking a little deeper into this, and feel that I spent enough time researching to come to a fair conclusion. And what I found is that most of these top earners online came from nothing, some spend 8 years figuring it out, others made millions of dollars their first year online. So it got me thinking about what are the best 5 ways to earn money online and offline.

Well offline is easy, get a JOB! Now I know what youre thinking, and unless you have money to invest, getting a job is the only logical thing that most people are willing to do. I have found many ways to make a few extra grand offline, such buying and selling used cars to becoming an artist. But lets face it, why would you put in 8 hours a day working a job or 2-4 hours part time trying to make and sell art, or mowing lawns. The sad reality is, the internet is the way of the future.

With daily incomes online soaring, and more people actually making money, why would you go to work and make someone else rich. Invest in yourself and learn how to make the internet work for you, because what you will find is that these top earners and so called "gurus" actually can teach you something. Now you might not get rich right away, but you need to piece together the puzzle, and its different for everyone on how long it takes to achieve their goals.

Now my goal before starting online was $3000- $5000 a month. A very reasonable goal considering many are making well over a million per year. So I got started reasearching the best 3 or 4 online opportunities. And what I found is that they are all the same, fancy websites that do the selling for you, a fancy backoffice that supposedly teaches you how to market like a "guru". Now they also have the most wonderful products. So how could you ever choose one over the other. Well I simply just looked to see who had the highest paid top earners, as well as how any people were actually making money. Now I was astonished to find that overall 95%+ of online business are failing.

So I joined a top company that had the most $100,000 per year earners. This company also had the most training, 7 days a week, in fact I could find no other company with this many webinars. Obviously, with the internet being the way of the future, I had to get started right away, because everyday I thought about it I was missing out. Now I also was scared and didnt want to be scammed and burnt, like you hear about, but after talking to some people I found out that they really do want to help. Its just that most people are to lazy.

With that being said, the worst case scenario was I lost $1000 and it would take me $35 month to pay off my credit card. But I didnt care, I had to try. Because after all, these people in the testimonials online cant be lying.
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