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Discover the Proven Secrets to Creating A Positive Cash Flow In A Negative Economy; Get Certified

Jul 16, 2008
Without a doubt, building a direct selling business is one of the most rewarding businesses a person can build. Yet, for most people involved in the industry, they are struggling, depressed, and very frustrated with the results they are getting in their business.

The good news is you can now make more money faster, ending your struggles and frustrations. In fact, you can even create a positive cash flow in this negative economy - building your direct selling business you are currently trying to build. Regardless of whether you are an introvert, a procrastinator, or even never sold a product or recruited a single person, you can learn, understand, and even apply (with great results) the universal fundamentals of direct selling success.

The fact is you are dissatisfied with the results you have been getting and you consistently search for the secrets. You know the proven strategies, techniques, heavy hitter formulas of success. I would even bet you have searched the internet for that magical formula or "hands-free" automated recruiting and selling system. You may have even spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars to try and find a way to instantly explode your business with growth.

Unfortunately, there is no magic except the magic within you. You see, you are the most important component of success in your business. It is you and only you who can take the action and achieve the results you desire.

Now don't misunderstand me here. You still need other critical components to turn the wheels of your business machine so you turn a high exponentially growing profit. You need a steady reordering base of customers and a happy, productive, and duplicating organization. But all the components will not work properly without you.

In the current state of the economy, it is no secret that more people are struggling financially in their lives. With rising gas prices at the pumps, costs of all other areas of life, including every essential need, are on a rise too. Statistics show that the value of the dollar has dropped and unfortunately income increases per household are not keeping up with the rising costs.

As an example, $124,454.98 in the year 2007 has the same "purchase power" as $100,000 in the year 1999 (based on the consumer price index). What this means is a person earning $100,000 in 1999 would have had to increase their income by 24.45% between 1999 and 2007 to be earning the same level of income. Look at your income, did it grow by 24.45% between 1999 an 2007?

This creates a problem for those promoting a direct selling business because as a marketer, you not only have to increase the size of your organization, but you must also increase the volume of sales made within the organization.

The biggest problem is the people you are attempting to do business with (your prospective customers and distributors) have less spendable income, which means they are spending less than they could spend in years past. This cash crunch is affecting the industry across the board.

What makes things worse is when you or your downline have underdeveloped skills and/or are using out-dated or ineffective approaches in your prospecting and selling efforts. Unfortunately, the Internet and the information age have created a big disadvantage for you as a marketing distributor. While the playing field has been leveled, allowing virtually anyone to start and succeed in a business online, it has also opened the door for people giving them an unlimited and overwhelming amount of information on every subject as there are words in your dictionary.

This overwhelming overload of information gives your prospects instant access to information that can often misinform and even mislead your prospects, causing your prospects to say no before you even have a chance to have a conversation with them. For these reasons, you can no longer rely on just a show and tell with high enthusiasm. You have to apply more professional sales techniques, to interview and understand your prospects primary wants. This will help you effectively communicate at a level that attracts people to want listen and learn more, plus, want to do business with you.

TIP - Talking is only a minor part of effective communication.

Statistics prove that your success and your organization's success is directly related to the skills and abilities of your people. These skills and abilities are not only important for acquiring new customers and distributors, but equally important, for improving and maintaining strong retention levels.

A major challenge for any leader or organization is the fact that many of their people come into their organization with underdeveloped skills and/or are misinformed or non-informed about how to truly achieve success in this industry. This often creates extra challenges for any leader (including you), not only in quickly teaching their people the universal fundamentals, but also in ensuring these people approach the market in an ethical manner, maintaining a high professional standard in all that they do.

The good news is you can overcome all of these challenges by applying a few universal fundamental strategies and techniques (direct selling
fundamentals) and have great success in your direct selling business, even while others are struggling, frustrated, and getting poor results. You can even discover the secret strategies and techniques that help you create a positive cash flow in a negative economy, guaranteeing you growth and profits. And you can learn these universal fundamental secret strategies and techniques all in one day, even implementing what you learn the same day, through a certification course on the direct selling fundamentals.

The Direct Selling Industry (aka network marketing, MLM, etc.) does not require any kind of licensing to operate as an independent contractor of a direct selling company. Certification is not mandatory, nor is it required for success in this industry. However, throughout the industry, leaders and organizations are continually striving to support self regulation and compliance to high ethical standards within their organization.

By implementing the proven universal fundamental secret strategies and techniques that are used by the "heavy hitter" leaders in the industry, you will position yourself and each member of your team for greater exponential growth and profits. You can even short-cut the learning curve and accelerate success in your business... meaning you make more money faster and build a bigger downline team that is more productive, happier, and duplicating.

While it does not require special skills to get started in a direct selling business, statistics prove the people who succeed in this industry have a greater competence and have developed a strong credibility among their organization. This was not by accident. They have invested in to developing their own skills over time and believe training and skill development is extremely important. Don't believe us? Then why does every organization provide training and support and often are focused on continual learning about the industry and your business?

The facts prove that when you enhance your competency (developing your knowledge of the industry, your company, its products and services, and how to build a business by design rather than chance) and apply what you learn consistently through action that puts you in front of your prospects, you will sell more, recruit more, and as a result, make more money faster. Plus, in achieving better results, you will improve your credibility and attract more people to want to do business with you.

Certification (even through voluntary participation) helps set higher standards, enhancing competence and building upon credibility for the independent direct seller as a professional in this industry. This not only benefits the individual direct seller, but also benefits the company they represent and the whole Direct Selling Industry.

Keep in mind that Certification is not licensing, nor is it equivalent to getting a college degree. But it is a formal higher education that helps you position yourself as a professional marketer in the Direct Selling Industry.

The fact is, when you learn, understand, and apply the universal fundamentals taught through our certification courses, you will enhance your competence of the industry and how to succeed based on high professional standards, which creates an extra element of credibility for you in the marketplace.

Certification may not be desired by everyone, nor is it a requirement of the industry. However, if you desire to work as a professional in this industry, maintaining high ethical standards, and achieve greater sustainable success, we highly recommend getting certified. While company specific training is critical to your knowledge of the products and company you represent, getting certified from the ONLY Direct Selling Industry specific school, provides you with the critical universal fundamentals required for sustainable success.

Certification can provide an extra element of credibility, a stronger level of competence, and even a core element of formal education to position you and your people as a professional marketers and a leaders that effectively produce stronger exponential growth, curbing the attrition in your organization, so you create a happier, more productive, and duplicating organization.
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Jeff Zalewski is a Certified Training Consultant & CEO of Direct Selling Academy, Inc., your training & performance improvement resource. Go to .http://www.directsellingacademy.com/courses for details about the academy's certification courses and to subscribe to their free eNewsletter.
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