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Selling EBooks - Proper Pricing For Sales

Jul 16, 2008
So you've written an ebook. You're setting up your web site, and you're sure you've got a winner on your hands. But before you finalize your web site, you've got one final thing to consider: What will you sell it for? That is what we will address in this article about selling ebooks.

I'm sure you have checked out what similar titles are selling for, but that shouldn't be the factor which determines your final price. Suppose many of your competitors are selling their ebook for $27. So you think if you sell yours for $19 you'll steal orders away from them. That's unlikely. When I see a very low-priced ebook, I tend to think I'm not going to be getting very much for my money.

I deal in selling my ebooks to people interested in making money on-line. Most of the good ebooks in this niche sell for between $47 and $97. The low end of these ebooks run about 40 pages with some of the bigger ones getting up to a little over 100 pages. But page count isn't the determining factor either. One of the very bet ebooks I ever bought in this area was only about 35 pages.

In fact, many of my fellow ebook marketers have told me they actually sell more books when they increase their price! Now, no one is going to pay $79 dollars for 100-page paperback book in a book store. They will on line! One thing you are selling is convenience. And the big thing you are selling is immediate access. People who buy books on-line want information and they want it immediately. They get an itch to learn something and they want to learn it right now! You need to make sure that you mention at your order form that the product can be downloaded immediately after payment is approved.

Now, what about the actual number you choose for your price? You have likely noticed that most ebooks sold on line have a price ending in the number 7. Why is that?

Well, anything ending in an 8 or 9 will surely be interpreted as being the same as the next highest multiple of ten. For example, selling ebooks for $29 is the same as a $30 price for a visitor to the site. But when you get your price down to where the ending digit is a 7, well that's not quite as close to the next multiple of ten--it's sort of in the middle of the range. So go with the crowd. Ending your price in the number 7 is your best bet--don't ignore the tried and tested technique.

Okay, I mentioned above that the best-selling ebooks in my own niche sell for between $47 and $97. What if you want to sell your ebook for more than that? Well, $97 seems to be the psychological limit for ebook buyers. If you are convinced that your publication is worth more than that, you should turn it into a physical product consisting of printed books and actual CDs. Higher ticket items like this can, and have, sold for thousands of dollars.
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