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Control Your Marketing Plan to Connect With Customers

Jul 16, 2008
You have it all worked out, you know all you're going to do to encourage customers to come your way. Now, you just have to find the time to do it, and do it properly. There are myriad ways to market your affiliate product.

There are many market forces operating that can hinder or even upset your plans completely. You need to choose the best marketing methods for your affiliate product and not let turmoil or fear in the market stop you from staying focused on your goals.

The best marketing methods for your affiliate product are ones that you can afford. While being able to afford it financially is of primary importance, being able to afford the time and energy investment runs a very close second. Why is this? It's because you have to consider the "opportunity costs" of your marketing efforts. Cost Accountants always look at opportunity costs when they measure business efforts and performance. You need to do that to, informally even, with your affiliate business.

"Opportunity cost" is the potential benefit that you give up when you choose one alternative over another. You may decide to invest time, money, and energy in attending a business show to market your affiliate product. However, rather than do that you could invest the same resources in a direct-mail campaign for your affiliate product. If you choose to go the business show route, your opportunity cost is the income you could have received from a successful direct-mail campaign.

That's why a successful marketing program is one where you choose the best alternative. This means spending time analyzing marketing methods for the ones that offer the best return for time, energy, and money invested. Choose the best alternative at the beginning, before you even launch your marketing program.

Successful affiliate marketing, where you control your marketing plan, is one where you constantly evaluate your marketing initiatives. When you do this, you learn to recognize rather quickly what is working and what isn't. If you blindly execute marketing initiatives and do not measure their performance until year-end, you may be wasting that time, energy, and money you're expending.

However, if you regularly monitor marketing efforts for returns they provide, you will become more efficient. You will drop ones that are not driving customers to your website and replace them with ones that are more productive. Here, you control your marketing efforts; you are not letting them operate unchecked.

Why spend money on pay-per-click advertising for a year and receive no benefit from it. It's that opportunity cost again. Evaluate and replace initiatives as needed, as your marketing plan runs its course over the year.

One other way to control your marketing plan is by being adaptable to new marketing trends. This is where you keep abreast of new ways to promote your product. This is where you keep in touch with your affiliate manager for new ideas and resources to promote your affiliate product. This is how you stay out of marketing ruts, by not using archaic methods not suited to your product.

Today, your affiliate product marketing can spread around the world at the click of a mouse. Marketing could not provide this years ago. You have to make sure your marketing utilizes these technologies. You have to have advertising content formatted and designed to grab the interest of internet users with short attention spans.

When it comes to market forces that you have no control over, you have to learn to focus. Sure, there may be a recession, or there may be increased competition for your affiliate product. Maybe your affiliate product is dependent on weather conditions for healthy sales. Maybe unwarranted bad press about your affiliate product has materialized.

These are all obstacles you need to overcome through staying focused on your marketing plan. Affiliate marketing is not a walk through paradise. It's hard work. It's dealing with customer objections and complaints. It's letting the market shakedown anyway that it chooses. All the while, if you believe in your product, you have to stay consistent in your effort to promote it. Do not let market forces that you cannot change stop you from marketing a product you know has great potential.

Take control of your marketing plan by focusing on choosing the best marketing alternatives. After you do, constantly evaluate how these marketing plans are doing. Remember to be adaptable so you can try new marketing trends that develop. Know your market, but don't let uncontrollable market forces make you lose sight of your marketing plan. Be that affiliate marketer who controls marketing, so the market does not control you.
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