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The Need to Uninstall a Symantec OEM Software

Jul 16, 2008
With the numerous types and classifications of virus and spam these days, there is indeed a need to install antivirus software in your computer. If you are quite familiar with the installation process, you should know by now that one of the best protection software you could purchase and install is Symantec. Thus, it is also natural that there are many new units of computer products that are already installed with Symantec OEM software.

Many users of the Symantec OEM software could attest that indeed, the computer program is one of the most useful there are in the market. For sure, you have encountered Symantec OEM software at one point in your life, especially during the times when you were so anxious and worrisome over the spread of some notorious virus. Symantec OEM software has made its way to become among the most popular antivirus and protection computer programs available in the market.

Problems with updating

Symantec, the company behind the development and distribution of the software, admits that there are several loopholes and limitations to the use of the popular Symantec OEM software. One of the most usual problems is the difficulties and shortages in regular updating. If you have been using other antivirus and protection software, you should be exposed to the updating process, which regularly happens and initiates especially upon exposure and connection to the Internet.

Though there are new and more sophisticated versions of the Symantec OEM software, the old versions are definitely having problems with the regular update processes. Those old versions are not updating themselves. Because everyday, there are more additional and new viruses and threats circulating in the cyber space, there is a need for updates on antivirus software. That is the disadvantage of buying and installing older Symantec OEM software versions.

The need to uninstall

Because of the problem in the updating process, there is often a need to uninstall the old version of the Symantec OEM software. If you are aiming to install a newer version of the computer program, there is a need to remove the installed copy in your PC system. However, if you are trying to do so, you would find that the procedure is not an easy one.

Thus, there is a need for computer users of the Symantec OEM software to learn the process of correct and proper uninstallation of the program. The uninstall process is not as easy and convenient as the process of installation. If you would take time, you would find that it is also possible to uninstall a Symantec OEM software remotely.

The simple process

Manual uninstallation is as easy as opening a Website designated to carry out and facilitate the process. Log in to the uninstall registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\ WINDOWS\CURRENT VERSION\UNINSTALL and see for yourself how the process can be made easier, more effective and more accurate. There would be dialog boxes that would appear afterwards. Just go with the flow and resolve to uninstall, no matter what.

The process would also involve some reboot. There are passwords to be asked, so just provide the requirements. If you could not remember any of the passwords asked, just log in to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\INTEL\LANDesk\ VirusProtect6\CurrentVersion\AdministratorOnly\Security and see how the process can be pursued. Set the passwords to 'zero'. In a matter of several minutes, you would find yourself finally going to the path to uninstall the computer program.

Remote uninstallation is also possible in the Symantec OEM software. In the command prompt, just type:
psexec \\computer_name MsiExec.exe /norestart
/q/x{BA4B71D1-898E-4306-AE87-8BA7A596F0ED} REMOVE=ALL.

Be surprised to observe that the software is finally removed even if the computer is still being used at the moment by another user.
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