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Why High Converting Landing Pages Are The Key To Massive Internet Sales

Jul 16, 2008
There is no question that whatever product you want to sell on the internet, it has to be a good one otherwise you will receive plenty of calls for a refund. But assuming you do have a great product, the one thing that will result in higher internet sales for you is a high converting landing page.

Landing pages and microsites have the ability to get Google on their side and get noticed very quickly. They can also draw in exactly the type of people that will want to buy your product.

Why is this? The reason is simple. Landing pages are designed to promote a specific product, and microsites promote a very tight niche that may only sell a handful of products or services at most. What this means is that the content on each can concentrate on a very precise area. This in turn leads to using keywords and phrases that will get your website ranked much higher in Google and the other search engines than it would be if it was a more generic site.

You can generate a high volume of internet sales from landing pages and microsites if you know how to build them properly. There are certain elements of a landing page that result in excellent responses from the reader, and they can work equally well for microsites as well.

One of the most powerful things you can do to attract higher internet sales is to include testimonials. These strengthen whatever it is you are trying to sell because they demonstrate that other people have already bought and tried the product and have found it to be outstanding. This can remove some of the barriers that people might have when it comes to parting with their money to buy your product.

You also need to make sure you tell your visitors exactly what you want them to do. This is called a call to action. This might sound a little forceful though it really isn't; in actual fact it is well known that if you steer your visitors towards your end goal you will achieve a higher take up rate as a result.

In order to create your own high converting landing pages and microsites and enjoy high internet sales it's worthwhile studying ones that have been created by other people. Do not copy them, but use to identify the techniques and see how they can be applied to your own products when it comes to selling them online.

There is no doubt that Google and the other major search engines love landing pages and microsites because they are targeted towards a very specific group of people. The keywords and phrases you will naturally use on these pages will ensure that when your site is indexed you will start receiving traffic from the people who are most likely to actually buy what you are selling.
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