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Traffic Secrets 2.0 launch

Jul 16, 2008
I already do Pay Per Click Advertising - What can Adwords Media do for me? If you already do search engine advertising, please feel free to request an estimated CPC from us. Due to the way we manage our accounts, on moving their Pay Per Click (PPC) accounts to Adwords Media, clients have reduced their CPC by 40% or more whilst at the same time increasing their ROI! Our team of account managers will ensure we only bid on the terms that work for you, and ensuring we drive the maximum amount of traffic from those terms.Traditional terrestrial broadcasters will have fewer listeners to draw from. Consumers will choose from a variety of sources to get their daily news and entertainment. More people will choose to get their CNN Headline News or sports on a portable player while on the go, as opposed to tv. And more people will choose free internet radio over pay satellite, or traditional radio loaded with tons of commercials.Yes we do. RTM accepts advertising and sponsorships.

How is TKG MEDIA different from other advertising networks? Unlike other networks that distribute advertiser ads to thousands of sites, TKG MEDIA offers site-specific sponsorships and exercised strict controls when it comes to where our advertiser's ads are distributed. Our advertisers enjoy a peace of mind that comes with knowing that their ads will never be distributed along any questionable content or brands. Our proven business model guarantees that the brands of our advertisers are always protected and that higher ROI is achieved.Vibrant Media works with the worlds leading web publishers across multiple content categories in the U.S. and Europe. Contact us for additional information.

What kind of companies use IntelliTXT to advertise? Vibrant Media works with leading advertisers worldwide such as Microsoft, Ford, Sony, Charles Schwab, Johnson & Johnson, McDonalds, Nike, BP and Warner Bros. Our campaigns span across a variety of categories such as automotive, computing and technology, consumer electronics, entertainment, finance, health, small business, travel and women's interests.Vibrant Media works with the worlds leading web publishers across multiple content categories in the U.S. and Europe. Contact us for additional information.Radio, TV, direct mail, billboards are all good tools. They are however, speaking to a wide audience that will include a large number of non-interested parties.

Can I combine the balloon with other advertising media? Yes - in fact we strongly advise you to. A picture of the balloon in your yellow pages advert or newspaper advert maybe, a radio competition to look out for your balloon etc. the balloon can have it's own specific website, take a look at for example.Media buys that our outside of our Natural and Paid Search services.

What sort of advertising graphics and media do you provide? We offer our webmasters more than 500 various linkcodes and graphics in different languages. Fill your own needs by choosing from full-page layouts (FPAs), banners in various formats, popup consoles or rotation codes. We also make links available to you in special variant formats which you will most certainly not find in other partner programs! For example, our floating "swimbanners" are truly unique.

Does your website have a privacy policy? Vibrant Media Overview Investor Relations Management Team Board of Directors Careers at Vibrant Media Contact Us Press Center Vibrant Ad Formats Content Categories In-Text Advertising Qualifications Guidelines & Standards Editorial Policy FAQYes. There are a number of agencies already using MailCentral to distribute campaigns for clients. One account is created and multiple campaigns can be sent via this account for different clients. All the stats can be downloaded in PDF format and presented to the client either electronically or as a hard copy.Media buys that our outside of our Natural and Paid Search services.
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