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To Serve or Not to Serve Six Advantages of Dedicated Windows Server Hosting

Jul 16, 2008
Running a web-based business or a company with a website component presents numerous technical challenges. Depending on the scope of your business, one of those challenges may be web server hosting. Whether to offer dedicated Windows server hosting depends on a number of factors. The size of your business may be one influencing factor. Another consideration to make is how large a scale you intend to do business on (worldwide versus local). The biggest consideration, though, is whether you foresee high traffic to your site.

One of the biggest disadvantages to dedicated Windows server hosting is the cost. Smaller businesses may find themselves eating into revenues with dedicated Windows server hosting. On the other hand, the advantages may actually generate more revenue. Plus, the cost of dedicated web server hosting has dropped in the last several years. Like any business, competition has created lower prices and improved services. These factors translate into greater efficiency and more bang for your business buck. It may help you to consider some of the advantages to offering dedicated Windows server hosting:

* A higher degree of web security. Your system is not shared with any other companies or websites. Therefore, no one else has potential access to your system. Your hardware can be accessed only by you. This helps to protect your business interests.

* Better control. As the business owner, what goes into your system is your decision. You have exclusive control over what is installed on it. That includes software, updates and so on. You won't have to worry about installations that could create problems for your business operations.

* Your website will load faster. Your system is "dedicated" to serving just your company and no one else. Internet customers can be fickle and aren't always willing to wait for a website to download. This can translate into thousands of dollars in lost profits. Additionally, owners have the ability to configure individual web pages to increase loading speed.

* Higher, quicker data transfer rates. Speed and reliability are important if you plan to accommodate high traffic.

* Increased capacity. Remember, you aren't sharing a system with other users. This means that you have vastly more storage space.

* Guaranteed hardware. When you subscribe to dedicated Windows server hosting, hardware failure is covered. You won't have to worry about any extra, unexpected costs related to malfunctioning computers or components. Since unforeseen costs can wreak havoc on a business' budget, this can be a major advantage.

Dedicated Windows server hosting will undeniably help your business run more smoothly. If you plan to accommodate a high degree of Internet traffic, it's probably a must. On a shared system, you may risk losing some of your site visitors due to traffic volume. A shared server (or virtual server) may simply lack enough space to go around. You'll also avoid making your site and your business vulnerable to security breaches. This is a particularly important consideration when financial transactions will be taking place through your site. It protects both your business and your customers from potentially leaking sensitive personal and financial information.

Dedicated Windows server hosting can be pricey, especially for new or smaller businesses. However, it may be well worth the investment for the potential loss that's averted.
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