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The Secret to MLM , Little Guy Network, And Your Home Based Business

Jul 16, 2008
Giving to others could quite possibly be the KEY to running a successful MLM or Little Guy Network Home Based business.

Building your MLM or Little Guy Network Home based business by giving all you can to others. The act of giving can have magical properties that cause you to "attract" exactly what you are putting out. Give in abundance then you will receive in abundance.

STOP your thinking NOW. The secret law of attraction is NOT built on what you can get from others but rather what you can GIVE to everyone. "It is better to give then to receive". My parents would preach this simple saying over and over again, and it has finally taken hold and has complete relevance in both my personal and my business life. Although it is a creed that is a bit utopian, it can be said that the good will that you bless others with will be somehow, and in some way be returned to you... even ten-fold.

A colleague of mine called me a few months ago on a meeting we were having. His first question was, well, if i come to this meeting, what am I going to get out of it. And my response to him was- this meeting is not about you. Ask yourself, "What can I contribute to this meeting! He shockingly answered, well "I don't know... why should I have to give anything". So I said to him, "If everyone came into this meeting and shared experiences, tips and tricks we ALL would benefit in some way by this. This may in fact start a mastermind experience, where we all come up with an idea that is bigger then the sum of any ONE of us. I believe my friend was starting to get the picture when he finally said, "well, i can share some of the mistakes that I have made in the past, and tell people how I corrected them". BINGO, now that was a great idea.

Again , imagine what you can contribute as a fellow internet marketer ; dig deep in your soul to determine what you can give to others. Perhaps you have knowledge of some interesting techniques to drive traffic. Perhaps, you have a list of places to go to get specific information, or perhaps you can direct someone to a site or another Guru that has helped you.

It is this process of giving that will magically start attracting people to you. This attraction will draw those people to you that have a serious and sincere interest in you. It is these people that you have the potential to start a long term relationship with.

To test this theory in your everyday life, start by helping someone. Anyone that needs help, whether it is directly related to your business or not. Ask this person questions. Take a sincere interest in them and then after you have helped them capture and remember the feeling you have inside. It is this feeling that will compel you to continue helping others. Imagine and existence where you are doing nothing but helping others, and they in return will reward you richly by giving all of yourself.
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From attraction marketing to explosive sales online, Rick Sadlowski has been called the number one up can coming mentor in the industry. Now promoting Little Guy Network, he is seeing explosive success. http://www.lgnprofit.com
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