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Common Uses of Digital Signage in Casinos

Jul 16, 2008
Most people who have visited Las Vegas remember the colorful montage of large LCD displays that litter the Strip. Advertising everything from special rates at premium hotels to high-profile entertainment at the largest properties, these signs are brash and bombastic. However, digital signage is also used within the casinos and hotels. Small plasma screens are distributed throughout hotel rooms and gaming floors to bombard patrons with a host of different messages. Because competition amongst casinos is fierce, these signs are being used to entertain guests while promoting brands, products and services that inspire loyalty.

Building Loyalty Amongst Casino Customers

Casino owners realize that gamblers and those who choose to stay in their hotels have many options. They can spend their time and money at a variety of properties. That's why owners are deploying digital signs throughout their casinos. These signs are far more effective at communicating marketing and brand-building messages than static billboards and posters. They can shower customers with information about various games across the casino floor. They can advertise the entertainment that is scheduled at the casino during the week. They can run short 10-minute segments that highlight events happening at the casino.

These actions encourage loyalty amongst the casino's customers. Owners understand that it's imperative that they keep their customers within their casinos. Digital signage helps them leverage their ability to do so.

Boosting The Casino's Brand

A casino's brand is an important component in its continued success. When customers leave a casino to return home, that brand helps ensure they'll come back in the future. Most casinos are constructed with a brand that focuses on a theme. For example, the Treasure Island property in Las Vegas is promoted with displays that focus on the thematic elements of pirates and bounty. Caesar's Palace is adorned with images that evoke ancient Rome. These themes are critical to building a casino's brand. Digital signage can be used to support that theme through a vast network of screens across the casino floor and within its shopping mall.

Casino Applications Of Digital Signage

The priority of casino owners is to prevent their patrons from leaving the casino. Increasingly, they're using digital signage to aggressively advertise events, venues and games that are available on the property. Kiosks that offer information about stores, restaurants and shops in the casino are distributed across the casino floor. Slot machines are equipped with digital signs that promote other games. LCD and plasma screens are deployed in areas where customers stand in line.

For example, casino check-in counters for hotel guests typically have multiple screens that display advertising. Casinos are using digital signage to entice people who wait in buffet lines to visit the property's pool area or buy tickets to the evening's entertainment. Even gamblers are presented with advertising about the benefits of joining the casino's players' club.

Knowing The Numbers

Casino owners understand that the success and profitability of their properties lies in their numbers. For any given day, they know the demographics of their guests. This includes their guests' gender, median household income, ages and other factors that help them design their digital signage campaigns. For example, a casino owner may determine that the traffic throughout his casino during a weekday morning will be most receptive to short 5-minute segments that profile the shopping mall. As the technology becomes more robust, casino owners will continue to develop creative ways to use digital signs to keep customers and expand their revenue.
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