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Telecommuting is Gaining Popularity

Jul 16, 2008
Every day, more and more people are staying at home to work. Even the government is pushing for this. Congress is requiring many agencies to permit their employees to work at home.

A lot of work can be done just as easily from home. If you think you can get your work dome at home, and would like to do so, you need to show your boss how it benefits the company. Usually, the greatest fear management has is workers slacking off.

If you want to do your work at home, you need your boss to feel you will get the work done. Show him that you can, and he just might let you try it. Think of all the time you will save not having to drive to work.

If you have some good office skills, you could consider starting your own business from home. You will offer you services to companies that need the work you can do. You can work for a few companies at the same time if you can handle the workload.

Handling phone calls is a common home based job that companies outsource. Customer service, and taking orders are a couple of things that you might do if you are answering the phones. If you're good on the phone, this can be a way to go.

If you have accounting skills, you can find some companies that will let you handle this for them from your home. Many small businesses can't hire full time accountants. You can work for a few of these businesses and make a nice income.

Secretarial work can be done from home also. Many small businesses are run from home now. They don't have any space for a secretary, but still could use one.

Another type of work businesses will outsource is clerical work. Companies need various types of writing assignments done. You can handle the writing needs for a few small businesses to create a nice income.

Lots of businesses need help with their billing. You might need some software and some experience to do this. Billing can be a real pain for small businesses, that's where you come in.

With everything changing at a faster pace these days, everyone needs more flexibility. Hiring fewer employees, and outsourcing work instead, is becoming more common. This is where having the ability to do some of these tasks for companies, creates a small business.

Home based work is becoming more common. The flexibility it provides businesses is needed. Workers get a chance to build their own businesses.
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