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Jul 16, 2008
Have a church website you want to improve upon? If you're looking for web hosting we're assuming you already have a cool Christian site and you just need a host server. As a Christian church planter and online businessman, there are several church web hosting tips I'd like to offer that may increase your attendance and ministry outreach while saving you money."

It's better to give than receive except when you're choosing a web hosting plan. So think twice before choosing a church web hosting company over a secular web host. Why? Am I speaking blasphemy? No, I'm not and the simple reasons for this should be the reasons you should have for choosing "church web hosting": Bang for the buck, features (like podcasting, space, etc.) and the bottom line cost involved. The sad fact of the matter is church web hosting or christian web hosting companies can't compare or compete with the large secular web hosting companies out there. Why go to the mom and pop store with little choices when there's a Walmart down the street with more choices and better prices? Enough said. By the way, how do I know all this? I've been there and done that.

Alright, so you didn't listen to my advice and now have "church web hosting?" Do me a favor for your own church and spiritual well being. Please don't build your Christian web site through the church web hosting company you are using. Why? In a nutshell you'll be stuck with them if you don't like them and secondly, most of these church web hosting sites and other free church web hosting firms who offer all in one deals (they will host and build your site) drain your own search engine page rank and popularity by linking their domain on your pages. believe me you don't want or need this. Remember the whole reason you want a web presence id to publicize your church or ministry.

So how do we get out of this dilemma? my suggestion is to do what I've done with my Christian Singles site. I didn't know squat about any tech stuff at the time. All I knew was I wanted to find a service where I wouldn't have to know web designing but that I could build a site that would reach out to folks without spending an arm and a leg. Today, Christian Dating Service Plus receives over 1.5 million hits per month and is out competing huge sites like eHarmony for prime keywords like Christian Dating Service. All this and quite frankly I'm pretty much a technological idiot.

So how did I do this? The same way I suggest you can: Use Wordpress blogging for your church by signing up with an affordable web hosting company you can use for anywhere between 4 -8 dollars per month. Sounds good? These kind of web hosts are not "Christian" per se, but they have FREE church templates and step by step web builder tools that make putting up your site a fun and easy adventure. By the way, if you are interesting in using a blog like Wordpress for your church, you can download this blogging software for free as well. it's real easy to use and I cannot say enough about it. one more note. If you are a church ministry and you need help, just contact us at resource contact listed below.
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David Butler, the author of this article, is a Christian businessman, and has several web hosting sites, Affordable Web Hosting 4U, HostGator Reviews and Bluehost Reviews.
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