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Jul 16, 2008
Garden Hose reels are an essential tool for landscaping contractors and maintenance departments. On almost every commercial property there is some type of flora, fauna, foliage, greenery, or flower bed that needs to be watered on a daily basis. Attempting to wrestle with a large, cumbersome hose can be an ergonomic strain to workers and slow down an operation if the hose becomes tangles, kinked, bent, or tied in mysterious knots that somehow always seem to tie themselves in hoses. Garden hose reels get rid of the strain, hassle, and lost time resulting with all these mini-dramas. They make it safe, quick, easy, and better for equipment; and they last for many years under the harshest outdoor conditions.

Garden hose reels offer contractors a lightweight, compact, and portable storage tool for exceptionally long garden hoses. This eliminates the trip hazards that result from large masses of garden hoses strewn throughout the grass and wrapped around tree trunks, hedges, and buildings. Garden hose reels also keep kinks from forming in the hose, and they allow for more controlled, ergonomic maneuverability throughout the grounds. It is much easier to uncoil a garden hose from a reel than it is to untangle a kinked and twisted knot, and with a 4,000PSI rating, high pressure applications for watering entire lawns or elaborate gardens are safe and efficient.

Garden hose reels normally come with a " female fitting and male garden adapter, along with a 4' inlet hose attached to the reel. Two solid 8" rubber tires make it easy to transport the unit anywhere in the front yard, back yard, or commercial atriums. To keep the garden hose reel from slipping forward, two rubber front feet hold the unit in place. When you are finished using the unit, you can remove the handle and store it in a secure, compact location until then next time it is needed. For rewinding the hose after use, the garden hose reel uses a direct hand crank rewind design so you don't have to manually roll the hose back onto the reel by hand. An adjustable friction break allows you to stop the unit and lock the drum in place when necessary.

Larger garden hose reels also feature hose control bars that keep the hose from slipping off the discs. This is often preferred by commercial landscaping crews who have multiple flower beds and garden areas to water on a very large property and have to drag the unit quite a distance over uneven terrain. The bases of these larger units have holes for temporary mounting or permanent installation of the reel.

Both the smaller garden hose reel and the larger garden hose reel are constructed from professional grade heavy duty steel. To further protect each unit from the vicissitudes of heat, cold, wind, and rain, a proprietary power coating process is then applied to make the unit more durable and reliable after a long period of use outside. Garden hose reels also feature rolled edges and ribbed discs that provide additional strength and safety.

We recommend buying garden hose reels from domestic manufacturers that will drop ship them to your location. It is also best to make certain the reel comes with the standard 2-year warranty.
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