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Crazy and Creative Ideas That Can Make Money on the Web

Jul 16, 2008
With creativity and determination, your crazy ideas can make money on the Web. In the tradition of Thomas Alva Edison, you will need 99 percent determination and perspiration and 1 percent creativity and inspiration to produce a profitable niche on the Web. Here are some of the best ideas.

Pretend to be Santa Claus

Make money on the Web by helping parents resolve the does-Santa-Claus-really-live-in-the-North-Pole issue with their children. You can secure a postal address at North Pole, Alaska (do not worry, it is actually 1,700 miles from the true North Pole), write letters to the children concerned, and charge parents for your services.

You need not even possess the writing verbosity of Francis Church, the editor of the New York Sun who, in 1897, answered 8 year-old Virginia Hanlon's letter about the existence of Santa Claus. You can always rely on what the parents want their children to be told about Santa Claus; you simply cannot go wrong with it.

Dog Glasses

There are currently about 75 million dogs in the United States. You can definitely make money on the Web catering to the eye needs of these dogs through dog glasses and sunglasses. It sounds stupid, but there are millions of dog owners who will appreciate your product.

From this crazy idea, you can expand to other dog accessories like headwear and jewelry. You will have both dog and master barking in delight in no time. Doggone it!

Put Up a Unique Dating Website

You can make money on the Web by matching like-minded individuals. You can focus on individuals who have special needs; you should be very tactful and sensitive about how you host your website since you want to invite, not discourage and offend your target market.

You can cater to HIV positive individuals, people with physical and learning disabilities, and other persons with special needs. Indeed, you will be helping the dating scene by matching people who have similar interests and experiences.

Help Verbally-Challenged Netizens

With the rise of "Me Media", more and more people have websites of their own. However, not all these people have imaginative minds that can come up with memorable and fitting domain names. You can make money on the Web by coming up with these names and charging your clients. At a conservative estimate of 10 million Web users, you will be sure to find a profitable niche.

Be the Download King

With the busy lifestyle of most people, downloading favorite music and video can be a time-consuming hassle. You can help these people download music and videos to iPods and other gadgets, which will help you deposit dollars to your bank accounts.

You might think this downloading service unnecessary, but there are such creatures as technophobes in the technological world. You can help them enjoy the benefits of technology, even if they do nothing else but buy the products and the services.

There are many more crazy ideas that can make money on the Web. All you need to do is find them, nurture them, and introduce them to the Netizens of this world. And always remember that the crazier the idea, the crazier the amount of money it can roll in. If you do not believe that, then how about starting work on making your crazy idea work now?
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