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Writing Advertisements that Work

Jul 17, 2008
Whether you advertise via the medium of radio, print or on television, the most crucial element of your marketing strategy is the way in which you promote your business. In this respect, advertising plays a huge part in business promotion, particularly in terms of how your business is viewed by your potential customers. In order to write ads that truly generate strong sales leads, you need to start by mastering the following advertisement elements.

To begin with you must ensure you have a great opening line. The headline of the advertisement is what prompts potential customers to look or listen further at the advertising message. You are in your field of business to profit, and no one should understand your customers' needs better. Having this solid understanding of your target audience means you to know just the kind of things that will attract their attention - all you need to do is make this into a headline. Successfully capturing your audience's attention is one of the primary goals when developing an effective advertisement.

Once you have the audience you are seeking, then you should aim to identify all the products and service benefits your business is selling. To guide your writing for the advertisement, start by considering the unasked question on your audience minds - what's in this for me? Don't lose sight of the fact that you're aim is to sell your products or services, not merely inform your audience about them. Hence, you need to give them a strong sense of why the product or service is of genuine value to them. Ensure that you are clear as to why this product is such good value and sell this to your audience within the body of the advertisement.

The advertisement needs to end with a strong 'call to action'. This term simply means an affirmative ending statement that urges the customer to take further steps and buy the product. Once the advertisement has captured the customer's attention and provided them with details of its value to them, the next step is getting the audience to act upon that information. Many business people find that this can actually be one of the most difficult elements to get right, but generally there are 3 things that you should include in the call to action.

Number one - list the ways and means that customers can contact you.

Number two - give a solid reason why they act upon your action call, a promotion or value offer is one option here.

Number three - ensure your call to action is almost an order, couched in very direct terms.

Ultimately your success with your advertising will rely on your being totally honest with yourself about what you aim to achieve from the promotion. The term, walk a mile in their shoes is what comes to mind here. Asses your advertising objectively, would you honestly be motivated to purchase if you were in the customer's position. By following some of these suggestions here, you will soon be on your to creating well written and effective advertisements to sell your products and services. The outcome being that you will then reap the rewards that a good advertisement brings.
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