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My Top Tips To Consider Before Joining A Cash Gifting Program!

Jul 17, 2008
In my own experience these are the top things to make sure are in your court before joining a cash gifting program. I strongly recommend a thorough check on all of these key points before you realize you've been taken advantage of or worse yet and scammed out of your hard earned money.

1. Proven Mentor: You need to be sure that the person who you are in contact with is in a position you are aspiring to get to. This way you know they will be able to help you get there, since they've already been through the process. It's kind of like having someone tell you there going to make you a millionaire but yet aren't one themselves(will make you go, ugh...?) Some proven mentors rarely have time for one on one mentoring, so if that is something that interests you, be sure and ask. Also, be sure and figure in the trust factor. If you aren't able to get along well with your mentor in the brief time of speaking with him/her on the telephone then don't expect that to change once you join them.

2. Proven Program: Be sure and do some background checks on the program the individual or team you are considering is involved with. Again, there are some great systems out there and some that are very new that are very unproven. Cash gifting is about helping people, be sure that's what your program and mentor stand for!

3. Proven Marketing Strategy and Costs: One of the best things about cash gifting is the marketing system. No Selling! No Chasing Friends or Family! No Products! However, once you get involved you are going to have to be a student for a while to learn how to market your activity and do it effectively! Initially you are going to want to focus on Web 2.0 marketing(freebie stuff) until your able to generate gifts and help others, at which time you can then spend a few dollars on paid advertising. Be sure your mentor or team knows what free areas to market in that work so your not left scratching your head, and wasting a year of your life.

4. Initial Expenses: Be sure and ask what other expenses you will encounter other than your pledge. Website, tracking software, group marketing expenses, etc. These can add up in a hurry so make sure no unknown expenses pop-up after you are in. I be sure and tell each and every person who inquires about ALL initial expenses and to be prepared for them, this way they feel a lot more comfortable and are able to trust you from the get go.

5. Higher Level Incentives: Right now it is commonplace that everyone is trying to stand out in some way, so be sure and look out for Deals or Offers to join one team over another. For example: Join at the highest level($4500 for example) and we will not require you to find a qualifier or 1up. This can be great from the outside looking in, but don't expect a lot of initial one-on-one attention from these sponsors. They are clearly trying to get YOU to pledge at the highest level because it means more moolah in their pocket.

6. Programs That Are Not Designed To Generate Money: Clearly all cash gifting systems are designed for the individuals involved to make cash. I sometimes see a program preaching that there not interested in the cash, and only interested in helping you! Not True, I will tell ALL that all people who are marketing their gifting programs are looking to make cash. There are some out there that will mentor you better than others, it is your job to find those people, but all serious sponsors are in it to make a living.

7. Last but Not least, The Current marketplace and receptiveness: Understand that Cash Gifting does take some effort on your part. It won't happen overnight(although the Cash comes that way). You will need to spend some time laying out an initial strategy(hopefully your sponsor will help you with this.) Your initial week will be a lot of fun, and maybe a bit stressful but you will surely learn a lot. Understand that trust and honesty are two of the largest factors in a mentor. Once you get involved you turn into the sponsor so be ready to handle the task of answering questions and having people inquiring through email and telephone.
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