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Secrets to Online Networking for MLM Revealed

Jul 17, 2008
There is a definite art to Online Networking. However, it is in essence very similar to good old fashioned real work networking. Actually getting to know people, establishing a relationship and trust with them can lead to valuable business contact.

The first key to Online Networking for MLM is to join an online networking directory. There are tons of them out there, but I recommend using Direct Matches. Direct matches is to business as Facebook and Myspace are to the public. It caters to those who are strictly interested in business however. What is really cool about this site is that everyone on there is business oriented and many of them own their own small or home businesses.

The second step to Online Networking for MLM is to set-up your profile on that directory. Your profile will basically tell the world who you are and what your business is about. Once you have joined, this is the essential 2nd step. Don't just tell people how wonderful you think your business is, but tell them how it can benefit them.

The third step to Online Networking for MLM is to go out and meet people. You can do this by inviting friends or contacts on the business networking directory you chose. I recommend just a brief introduction, saying it is nice to meet them and that you would like to open the door for networking in the future. If you blatantly advertise your business on your first message, people will label you as a spammer and have nothing to do with you.

Finally, the last step in online networking for MLM is once you have met people, establish a relationship with them. Find out what their business is, ask them what kind of help they need in their business. Always remember that your business might not match everyones interests so don't try and jam it down their throat. They are much more likely to hear what you have to say if you show a genuine interest in their business first.

Online Networking in MLM is much like real world networking. It is all about getting your name and business out there and meeting as many people as you can. Help them solve a problem and you will have found the secret to online networking for MLM. Only then can you truly expand your business by networking.
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Kurt Henninger is a successful Network marketer helping average people to have extraordinary success with their online business ventures.

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