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The Best Network Marketing Companies

Jul 17, 2008
It is incredibly difficult to create a definitive list of the best network marketing companies due simple to how many of them there are!

There are hundreds of network marketing companies all over the world, offering countless products and opportunities. Rather than comparing each one of them, it is much easier to find the best one to use by paying attention to its marketers. Lots of marketers make serious amounts of money with network marketing companies.

The important thing to pay attention to is how many companies actually help their marketers make lots of money? I am talking about people who make millions of dollars a year and have a regular stream of passive income, that is what we are looking for

Choosing the right network marketing company

Now, a lot of people face a dead end when it comes to convincing other people to join a network marketing company. For the most part, the financial benefits are simply not enough to motivate a person to join. The great thing is that this is where health and wellness products differ wildly.

With these products, you are offering your customers services and items that will improve their health and gives them a great business opportunity! You are not only providing them with health, you are providing them with a really lucrative business! Purely because of these flow on benefits, most of the top network marketing companies in the world are health and wellness companies

The growth of freelife

Over the past few years the health and wellness industry is size has increased astronomically. The fast paced lifestyles that people lead today accompanied by the ever growing list of problems and ailments has created a situation where the average American spends around $250 a month on health and wellness products.

Another great aspect of this is that consumers are becoming more and more aware about the various health products available and their benefits. Given the current market climate, a health and wellness network should be a no brainer as your first choice for a money marketing business venture.

Freelife is one of the biggest network marketing companies in the health and wellness area. They sell a secret Himalayan juice recipe crated from the Goji Berry, which is an ideal anti-ageing solution and has numerous health benefits.

The network marketing aspect of the company offers a five-tier payment system and you can easily earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per month just working from home. The product practically sells itself! If you are not convinced, read some of the testimonials on the site and you will see just how massive the sales volumes are. Freelife really is one of the best network marketing companies available today.


Ameriplan is another leading network marketing company working in the health and wellness sector. You get the opportunity to market a top quality dental, chiropractic and prescription drug program that can include every member in a household for as little as $20.00 a month!

When you sign up to Ameriplan and become an independent business owner, you will get 30% residual commissions on each sale! The company will also give you 5 websites to market your product, making it an incredibly lucrative option. The company already has a membership base of over a million people already, and it is continuing to grow and grow.

Join Ameriplan today and you will notice the massive difference you make to other peoples lives and to your own monthly income, as it really is one of the best network marketing companies.
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