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My Favorite Mac Software Applications

Jul 17, 2008
Well perhaps not the top 10 of all time, but after much research and daily usage, these are some of the software I consider the best of or essential on my recently purchased MacBookPro.

Note these choices are geared towards former Windows users who have now switched to the Mac, so as an example I have included a virtual machine in the list, which allows me to run Windows software side-by-side with the new Mac-only applications.

There are of course personal choices, and will probably not be similar to the choices of other avid Mac users out there.

Now on to the software.

1. Parallels Desktop. Recently Updated, this software enables you to run Windows on Your Mac.

2. Yummy FTP. This was the fastest and most stable FTP program I tested. It also had sweet developer features like recurring setting of folder permissions (chmod).

3. Typinator. This is a simple application that helps you to quickly type phrases or insert pictures in documents.

4. Taco HTML Editor. Taco HTML Edit may not have the most numerous or amazing features, but it gets the job done - well.

5. Skype. Possible the only software that doesn't need a lengthy explanation. This software enables free person to person calls over the internet.

6. Skitch. Skitch is the Internet Camera for anyone that wants or needs to capture on-screen content. Saving, annotating and sharing images has never been easier.

7. RapidWeaver. After testing several other website builders, this has become my number one tool for creating websites on a Mac.

8. Marsedit. This is the software I am currently using to publish all my blogs.

9. Mail. This free Apple email client handles all my email faultlessly.

10. Jotter. This handy little app is for when I need to take the occasional text note.

11. FireFox. My choice of web browser on the Mac. Safari comes a close second.

12. iPhoto. This photo management software is one of the main reasons I shifted to the Mac.

That's my list. Look out for updates, as I discover other software in my Mac journey online.
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