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What Is Long Tail Marketing

Aug 17, 2007
Long Tail Marketing is a marketing technique used to increase sales. It involves search engine marketing, selling products online, and realizing there are thousands of keywords that can be used when advertising on the internet to help you make more sales.

Basically any keyword being searched online should be content you create to get as many visitors to your site as possible. People do search differently so you must consider all keywords that relate to your site and have web pages built for those keywords.

In keyword research it is easy to spot and grow niches. Low search counts on Google, Yahoo, and MSN can mean business for you when there is no competition. Use Wordtracker to find out what these less used search engine searches can do for you. So what if there are only 10 searches a month for an item. If you happen to sell that item and no one else does, you want that business and stand an excellent chance of getting it.

Many lesser searched keyword phrases are very specific in how they are being searched and can be a very qualified visitor. The more words that are being typed in the search box the longer the tail of that search. These type of searches indicate that your visitor knows exactly what they are looking for and you will certainly want to provide it for them.

The long tail of search phrases will build traffic. You can not count on 80% of your traffic coming from 20% of your top used keywords based on readings at Google. Because competition for highly used words is so big, long tail marketing makes perfect sense.

If you are an Adsense publisher, imagine how many more relative ads you could display on all of those new low competition keyword pages. It is the total searches from all of those less used words that make using them worthwhile.

Create your content with a broader base of keywords to see the effect. Watch your site stats and be amazed at all of the new search terms you'll be found with. Many will tell you more content or more products would be easy to market.

With search engines today it is all about content and keywords, and Google flat out says so in their webmaster guidelines. Long tail marketing is real easy with search engines. All you have to do is know the words people are searching for. Then build web pages for all of those words to maximize your sites potential in traffic and sales.
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