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Make Money Online By Working at Home

Jul 17, 2008
As I began to search for ways to make money online as a newbie, I found out that the easiest way to start was not to create my own product at first, but to begin promoting other company's products which is called affiliate marketing. This is a great way to make money online from home on your own personal computer and on your own time and schedule.

If I had to start from scratch to begin learning how to make money online at home, I would start with a huge marketplace called Clickbank. Clickbank is a marketplace where about 10,000 electronic products are available to be downloaded after purchase. I would start here after doing some bum marketing research on keyword terms that don't have a lot of competition in Google searches. You need to learn more about bum marketing.

Another great place that offers affiliates who are people promoting other people's products, is Paydotcom. Paydotcom offers beautiful, brightly colored banners that you can copy and paste from their pages if you click on a certain product to sell. You don't have to know HTML code to do this, you just simply copy and paste a banner, or an email or a signature with your name embedded in the affiliate link.

If you use Clickbank marketplace and Paydotcom marketplace, you can begin to make about a thousand dollars a month if you submit articles for three different products on a daily basis to article directories. Both of these marketplaces payout high commisions as much as fifty to seventy-five percent for each product you sale. Your job is to promote the products by email, banners, or signatures files that both of these marketplaces embed in your affliate code that is generated for you at their site. Beautiful!

As your next or second step, you would wish to go to Clickbank to find a product to promote. It is important to choose a product that you know something about. You also want to choose a product that is selling well, no matter what you hear because otherwise you will probably not make many sales with a product that is not very popular. You can test this by looking at the statistics to the side of each product that you click on. It is also very important to choose a Clickbank product that has a compelling salesletter. In other words, would you buy this product? When you make your first sale, you will be jumping for joy and know that this truly does work. You can make money online from home.

The third step is to drive traffic to wherever your link is posted. You can do this by article marketing such as this article that I am writing. You simply write an article that is at least 300 words long to 800 words in length, and post them to article directories online that you can find by searching for that term. Writing articles and putting a link to your website in the resource box is a great way to drive traffic back to your free blog or your paid hosted blog.

Articles that are well written stay online for months, perhaps years and you will have only written that article once. The beauty is that your article is picked up by other article directories to publish as content and then your article spreads like a virus across the internet and you will have many links back to your blog or website.

This type of traffic is what you will need to become an affiliate marketer and to make money online and work at home doing it. The key point is to submit articles to drive traffic to your website or free blog at least once a day. Three articles a day would be even a better plan. I wish you great success.
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