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Writing a Great E-Book, Part I

Jul 17, 2008
The authors of unsuccessful e-books have one thing in common - they don't offer enough content. The best e-books on the market are chock-full of information that their audience really wants. That's an important consideration for those who make a living creating ebooks.

Skinny e-books that have little information are often returned, eating away at your profits. On the other hand, an e-book with strong content increases reader satisfaction, which means more profits and fewer refunds. You want to offer a strong, beefy e-book, one that is loaded with value for your clients. So how can you put your PDF e-books on steroids for better performance? Read on, and I'll show you!

To start, add a table of contents (TOC). This helps your readers to find the information that they want, while adding two or three pages to the total length of your document. Not only is a TOC valuable to your readers, it's easy to create one - most word processing programs can generate one automatically.

Second, add a list of resources in the back. All of the web sites, blogs and forums you visited to research your ebook should be put in a resources section in the back. You can also put all of the print books that you find helpful as well. Face it. There are tons of resources dealing with the topic of your ebook that you know and your customers don't. List those and you will provide a valuable service for them.

By using your imagination, you can find lots of information to add to your resources, including reference material found on or in:

- Books in print;

- Magazines and e-zines;

- Videos and movies on YouTube and other sources;

- Web sites;

- User forums and user groups; Blogs (your own or those of others);

Take this list of resources to the next level by including a short description which explains the information that can be found at each resource. This will be most helpful for your audience when they look for more information.

In my next article I will give you three more strategies to adding bulk to your ebook so you satisfy your customers and reduce your refund rate. publishing ebooks with true value and lots of content is quite easy when you follow these strategies.
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