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Jul 17, 2008
What do "royalty-free" and "rights-protected" mean? In short, royalty-free means that there are no restrictions on the print run, volume, intended use, and media in which images are used. Selecting a royalty-free image means the buyer pays a one-time fee governed by the file size, for unlimited use.

Do I have to pay a commission? NO, if your buyer comes from any of our advertising media's and buys your home directly from you. You pay no commission.If the buyer has selected "Standard Shipping", you must ship your item via USPS media mail or any faster shipping service.

How much is it going to cost me to do my own publication? The cost of a custom media project can vary greatly. Custom communication vehicles can take the form of a variety of media-print publications, web sites, e-newsletters, web casts, etc. Click here for a list of the many different custom media projects you can consider. These many variables mean that the cost of a custom program can vary greatly-from as little as $5,000 to $100,000 to $1,000,000 or more.

How should I ship my item? If the buyer has selected "Standard Shipping", you must ship your item via USPS media mail or any faster shipping service. If the buyer has selected "Priority Shipping", you must ship your item via USPS Priority mail or any faster shipping service.Every seller is unique in how they announce this news. However, it is critical to quickly decide on timing and the message. Under no circumstances should employees learn about the pending sales from the rumor mill, news media or the buyer. A well-timed, consistent message is a must and can sustain trust, increase loyalty and avoid damaging rumors.

Q. How many times will my orchid flower in a year? It depends on the variety chosen and the conditions the plant is subjected to. Consult the "Grower Ron's Orchid Buyer's Guide" for guidelines on reblooming frequency. How often should an orchid be repotted? An orchid should only be repotted when it gets too large for the container it is in, or when the media it is potted in breaks down. A freshly potted orchid should last at least one year before it needs repotting if it is grown in a good media.Yes, in fact we always encourage our artists to embellish whenever they can. By embellishing a Masterpiece Gicle print, one can truly make it a "one of a kind" piece of art. It also adds a higher price level to the piece for resale. An art buyer is more likely to buy a hand embellished piece over a flat reproduction. Our canvas media can be embellished with most acrylic and oil paints. Our prints can be worked on whether or not they have been glazed or varnished.

Is there a way to send an e-mail to everyone in our office who uses Clients & Profits? Yes, but in most cases, you wouldn't send an email notification to everyone. The automatic e-mail sent by C&P is generally sent to a single person, such as an AE, a media buyer, the agency president; or a group of people, such as team members or traffic assignments. With job-based e-mail, the point is to keep the people who manage the job instantly aware of day-to-day changes to a job's status, traffic, budget, billings, etc. so there are fewer surprises.The great thing about StumbleUpon is that our members vote on content that we send to them.
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