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Buying Property In Thailand Can Be A Wise Investment

Jul 17, 2008
Buying property in Thailand is an increasingly popular move by foreigners. Whether it is as an investment in a holiday rental home, a place to retire to, or simply as a retreat as they look to escape the weather, the rat race or the high cost of living in the West, Thai property is becoming highly sought after.

Although subject to strict controls, it is relatively easy to buy property in Thailand, although as there are no mortgage deals for non Thai citizens you must be able to buy the property outright. Also, technically, it is not the land you will own but the property itself, although possession of the land is assured by virtue of the fact that the property obviously occupies the land. Furthermore, it is not impossible to own freehold land if you fall within certain conditions.

But what with the cheap cost of houses, stunning locations, tropical views, and wide range of property available, it is clear why buying property in Thailand is a popular idea.

Different locations are sought after for different reasons. For example Phuket, with its beautiful scenery and idyllic setting, is a popular place to buy for those looking for an investment within the tourism industry. The northern areas of Thailand are perhaps more popular with those buying to live, such as in beautiful Chaing Mai, as the climate can be a little cooler. Those preferring property in a more vibrant part of Thailand often choose Bangkok or Pattaya and use their homes for holidaying or as a festive retreat. And with the opening up of international airports at many of the established tourist resorts, such as Hua Hin for example, this has made property in Thailand even more desirable.

There are also various types of property one can buy; whether you want a six bedroom mansion complete with swimming pool, Jacuzzi and landscaped gardens, or perhaps a villa in the countryside, or a simple bungalow a stone's throw from a white sandy beach, all can be found within Thailand. Condominiums are a popular property to buy in Thailand, and also the easiest and simplest to buy. Similarly, you can find a property with Western influences and all modern conveniences, or else perhaps a property with more traditional Thai architecture.

Thailand, with its diverse scenery and locations also enables you to choose whether you want to live within close proximity to shopping, public transport, sporting facilities and a thriving expatriate community, or perhaps somewhere a little more rural and remote. Whichever type of property in Thailand you are searching for, and for whatever budget or need, there are plenty of options to buy in this beautiful country.
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