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Jul 17, 2008
You often hear the phrase 'content is king' on the web. Unfortunately, this is only half correct. You can't put any old content or duplicate content on your site and expect the search engines or readers to reward you with visits. What stands out is providing fresh, quality content.

Rather than writing from scratch it is possible to take pre-written content and re-write it, particularly if you can give some new slant to it. You should also consider replacing articles that have been on your site for some time with newer articles. Fortunately, there are scripts that can help to find articles and release them on pre-defined schedules.

However, the best way to ensure that your content is original is to write it yourself. This is the kind of content that search engines love.

Unfortunately, writing is a daunting task for most people. However, there are some simple techniques which make the process much easier.

The first thing to consider is to write about a subject you have some knowledge and passion for. Don't take too long writing the first draft as you will be the only person reading this. You can edit it later on.

Start by writing just what comes to mind. Before you know it you will produce plenty of content. Later on you can return to edit it so that it is suitable for publishing. Always keep in mind what your audience would find useful.

One of the nice things about the web is that people only like to read screen-size chunks rather than long essays so we are only talking about 300-500 words!

Publishing your work can improve your credibility. There are many article directories which can help get your work noticed. On the other hand, you may just want to only publish on your own site to ensure it remains totally original.

Whatever the case, after you have successfully published some content in the form of articles or web pages you should find that the process isn't that daunting and you will be able to easily churn out lots of fresh interesting content for both visitors and search engines.
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