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Office Supplies That Make Life Easier: Address Labels, Paperclips and Folders

Jul 17, 2008
The office can be a much disorganized place. Chances are every person working in their tiny cubicles has to write reports, memos, proposals, and a myriad of other paper using materials. If you are like me and do all of your writing in a day, it is vital to your business or job to keep all of this organized. Not doing so may result in the wrong application being sent to the wrong client, or maybe two different reports will get stuck together and sent as a unit to the boss. These kinds of screw ups could easily get someone fired which should help drive home the importance of proper office organization.

I would like to go over some of the tools that help make organization possible. The first and what should be the most obvious is a filing system with folders. Now each folder needs to represent a clear entity because we want to avoid the mixing of reports and crucial documents. Now most, bigger organizations probably have a large filing system somewhere in the office. This is great, however, each individual employee would benefit from having one of their own as well. This if they start to work on one report and stop mid way to type up a memo they would still have a way of organizing the materials for the report in a nice safe place.

Another essential item is the paperclip. Don't laugh, it may seem questionable to bring up paper clips but when companies are looking to cut costs these supplies are often apart of those cuts. The fact that they are multicolored really helps. A specific color can be assigned to individual topics or assignments, making it easier to distinguish papers from one another.

Address labels are another way of keeping the office organized, although, they do it in a different way. First off, they save time. Each client's address doesn't have to saved and memorized. Because most address labels are computerized in some way, it will be much easier to read, thus providing less error for employees when using them. On top of everything else, cheap address labels are relatively easy to come by, so they are perfect for any office even if the budget is small.

Because a business is so dependant on communication, it is important to have proper organization down to a science. If the right supplies and tools are used most companies will have fewer problems in this category and should become more efficient as a result.
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Justin Oliver used cheap address labels to get stuff done at his business. Also, he writes stories about how much Bill Gates is worth
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