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Yahoo Mail has a Serious Bug but the Solution is Discovered

Aug 17, 2007
In a previous article I railed against Yahoo Mail for a serious bug in their new e-mail address validation process. Well thanks to the publicity created by my rant I learned how to fix the problem. First I want to send a thank you out to Jasmine for informing me of the solution. It's a wonderful thing when someone takes time out of their busy day to help someone.

There exists and intermittent problem in Yahoo Mail when adding a new e-mail to your Managed Addresses. For those of us that have switch to using Yahoo Mail as our primary mail client this is an extremely important feature. Without it, you can't add e-mail account where you can check or create e-mails from. Essentially making Yahoo Mail useless as a e-mail client. I suffered with this problem for months. I wrote the predecessor to this article mainly to slam Yahoo. I was angry I was about to start the process of finding and switching e-mail clients again. From that article I got an e-mail from Jasmine that showed me how to solve the problem. I hope you find this article before going through the trouble I did. Here is how to solve the Yahoo Address Confirmation Code problem.

For starters, you can't solve the problem in Yahoo Mail.

1.You must first go to your main account settings page.
There are a number of ways to get there. From Yahoo Mail or My Yahoo there is a My Account link at the top of the page.

2.In the section Member Information there is a link Edit it is out to the right of Member Information, click this link. Note, there is a link Edit your marketing preferences, but this is not the correct one.

3.Under Email Information, you need to remove at least one e-mail address and you need to have the total number of e-mails listed here under 5. This will reset the confirmation codes.

4.Now go back to Yahoo Mail and add the new e-mail address normally. The confirmation system will work now.

I have since added multiple e-mail accounts without problems. I do fear the problem coming back and having to re-add multiple accounts. We can only hope that Yahoo fixes this bug soon. Unfortunately, They're probably too busy on the new beta version to fix existing problems.

All the normal Yahoo Mail restrictions are still in place. This process just resets the confirmation codes.
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