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Market Yourself, Market Your Business With Word-Power

Jul 17, 2008
Why use article writing for increasing your online sales? Well, as any great copy writer will tell you, the power of words is difficult to overestimate. By using article writing you can establish a powerful Internet business presence that will have people streaming in to your websites.

Why is article writing so potent? It's because with writing and placing articles chock full of free, well-written, relevant information, you make yourself into an expert in your given niche or niche's industry. People begin to view you as a fount of wisdom, and a generous fount that is always offering free advice that they can use as they see fit, or who is teaching them valuable stuff that they probably couldn't learn about elsewhere.

On the Internet, content is king. People do a lot of shopping online, but the thing they most search for, even when they set out to do shopping, is content. The Internet is the world's greatest source of free information. It's vast, it's diverse, and it's much more conveniently indexed and searched through than the best library. Give people great content and they'll soon want to learn more about you and they'll become interested in your business just because it's yours.

To be successful with article writing, you will write articles about a given topic--any topic that directly, narrowly relates to your niche market, that is--and publish these articles at article content sites. There is a wide array of these sites on the Internet already and more crop up all the time. A Web Crawler or Google search will find you plenty of them. They include places like Go, Articles Base, Ezine, Article Snatch, Article Biz, Search Warp, and on and on. These are sites where people go for two reasons: they want to find free information about something or they want to find free information that they can use at their websites.

Either one of these motives is perfect for your end purposes.

To place articles at these places you'll need to create a free profile and account. In your profile you'll include a link to your website. Different content sites have different rules about how shamelessly self-promoting your articles there are allowed to be; but at the very least you will always be allowed to get at least one linkback to your website with every single article you publish.

Don't give away your article's copy rights to a site. Publish at sites that permit you to publish that same article at dozens of other places at the same time. This allows you the maximum exposure.

Remember, the whole idea with article writing is to create an image of yourself as highly informed, professional, friendly, and potentially useful. Your articles should be grammatically and spelling-wise perfect; written with some pizazz; friendly but at the same time professional in tone; and focused on matters that directly relate to your niche. Have fun, be informative, and write, write, write!
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