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How To Start An Online Business For Under $100

Jul 17, 2008
If you've found this article, you have at least a small desire or interest in making extra cash through an online business. For most individuals creating any sort of business seems like a daunting task, but what if it could get one started for under $100 dollars in 1 business day?

You may be saying to yourself, is this some sort of gimmick? No, it actually happens all the time. Let me share my personal experience.

I first thought of a simple business model, which ended up being only a few words, "Sell stuff online and make lots of money." I know, very vague and lacks direction, but it didn't matter to me. From there, I knew that I needed to have a business license. So I went to my state's government website, and found that I could register my business online and pay for it right there, cool huh? They did say that I would need to register with the my local city government as well. That had to be done in person, and only took 20 minutes. Total charges for state and city registration - $60.

My next step was to get a website up and active. I went to Godaddy and bought a good domain name that was my actual business name, (This may not happen for you has domains names are like internet real estate these days.) Godaddy has competitive prices for their domain names and offer a very robust account management system with quick customer service turn around times, and it only takes 10 minutes to buy a domain. Total cost for the domain - $10.00.

From there I researched what was needed to build a website. I found a very intuitive and easy to use platform called Weebly. You can use their service for FREE! All you do is sign up, then in Godaddy point your new domain to Weebly's servers, and that's it! You're site could be active in a 30 minutes. Now don't get me wrong, there is some work involved with getting your site built, but I've created a simple home page within 30 minutes. Total cost for website - $0.00

Next step was to contact some manufacturers for some cool products on the market and ask if they have drop ship reseller programs. If your lucky, they will. They'll email you some forms to fill out usually asking for your state tax id, and then you fax the forms back. The manufacturer will then email you drop shipping instructions and the wholesale pricing. Drop Ship Account - $0.00

Once that's done, you'll add some product descriptions and images to your website and create a checkout button from your merchant account. I use PayPal as my merchant account. They are free and only charge the normal credit card processing fees when a sale is made. They give you simple instructions for adding their "Buy Now" buttons to your website. Once a customer clicks on the "Buy Now" button they are taken to PayPal and pay for their order. This process should only take 5 to 15 minutes. Total cost for PayPal account - $0.00.

The last step is the get your advertising active. I recommend using Google Adwords. They have a $5.00 activation fee for opening an account. Once the account is created, you'll generate your keywords and text ads that will describe your products and be displayed on Google under "Sponsored Results." You'll then be charged per click for someone to visit your site. The click charges are billed periodically through out a given month, but you only need $5.00 to get a advertising campaign started. You should be able to get a simple advertising campaign up within an hour. Total cost for Google Adwords account - $5.00.

And that's it. Well it looks like we actual got everything going for only $75, not to bad! Now what's been explained above can actually be done. The hardest part will be finding your products, so don't get discouraged if it seems a little hard. Start today and enjoy the satisfaction of running your own business with only $75 in start up costs.
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