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Jul 17, 2008
Will I be able to cancel my pixel advertising franchise website? Yes you can cancel your website at anytime you wish by emailing us but we do not refund your initial payment.The is created and being maintained by a Chinese PhD student (Jason) in the United Kingdon where the first on the internet was proposed and created by Alex Tew, a 21-year-old entrepreneur. you can read more about his story from BBC . If you have any questions after reading this then please use the Feedback to contact us. We will answer your question within 24 hours ?2005.

Why is regional pixel advertising better than content or keyword advertising? Pixel advertising in general has been shown to be a better utilization of advertising funds due to the prolonged period of exposure to site visitors. The novelty of pixel advertising as well as the highly concentrated emphasis on regionalization will also increase the chances that visitors will visit your web site. As more sites advertise on Pixels Over Texas more search engine traffic will virtually guarantee a continuous flow of traffic to the site.This site is unique in its appeal to specific geographic regions in the state of Texas. Businesses and Individuals alike will have the opportunity to secure a spot on the map where others will come to look for their services. The first thing that many people do when they look at a map is find the places that they are familiar with. If I was born in Houston for example, the first place I might look on the map of Texas would be at Houston.

What is the idea? The idea is to make 100,000 companies in Syria famous world wide, using the newest way for online advertising. The website has a main page where all logos of the advertising companies are displayed in different sizes. When you mouse over your company???s logo the company name appears, and when you click on the logo the company???s website appear. If the company doesn???t have a website we will design one page for free and include general information about the company and some pictures.Yes! You can place your link within the free zone of You are able to choose up to 8 boxes for FREE and your free advert will be shown on our website for 60 days .

How much does it cost? Each box on the grid contains 10x10 pixels and only costs $25 USD per box for FIVE years on homepage; and only $15 USD per box for FIVE years on other subpages. You can buy as many boxes as available. Payment can be made easily and securely by PayPal (more payment methods come soon). 15 USD may sound expensive but when you think your advert is going to be around for 5 years guaranteed advertising methods. Lets face it, what can you buy for 15 USD these days that will last for 5 years.Pixel advertising is a new way to market your web site via the Internet. Our focus is to help businesses increase their web traffic locally and world wide where traditional methods (i.e. pay-per-click, banner ads, email lists) have shown minimal results. The main idea is: Maximum Impact at a Minimum Cost. Your logo/link will get increased exposure and be easily accessible.

Why your Pixel Advertising homepage? Good question, with the growing number of Pixel Advertising sites around why should you choose mine? All that I can tell you is that is 100% unique, that is to say that you will not find another site anywhere that is giving you free shares in my head along with your advert. I am hoping that this element of quirky uniqueness will catch the attention of the people.I have to be honest, it wasn't the original plan. But the day after I decided to create this website I found out about Alex Tew and his amazing Million Dollar Homepage.

What is the China-MillionDollarHomepage? The China-MillionDollarHomepage is the most powerful pixel advertising website where any business, organization or individual from China and other countries can place an image/logo to advertise their website. You can choose Chinese or English version from the top of the homepage. The advert once placed will remain on for at least FIVE years.Pixel advertising is the name given to any visual web advertisement that has the cost of the advertising calculated dependent on the number of pixels contained in the space where the advertisement is placed. For example, an image or banner covering a space of 90 pixels in width, and 30 pixels in height, would be an advertisement covering 2700 pixels. Indiasfuture.I have to be honest, it wasn't the original plan.
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