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Strategies For A Successful Internet Business

Aug 17, 2007
The goal of any online business is to sell something, be it a product, service or information. To accomplish this, you need customers, or traffic, to your web site. Follow these key Internet business strategies to generate customers and cash.

Image is Everything

Your web site should reflect how you want customers to feel about your business. The site must be professional looking and easy to navigate and understand. The content provided should be relevant to the needs of the customer.

Marketing is King

What promotional tools are you using to advertise your web site? Search engines are the primary method Net surfers use to locate information. One of the top Internet business strategies is to choose relevant keywords for the most efficient search engine optimization. The word "books" is too generic for a site promoting life or career changing seminars based on motivational books. Surfers who type in "books" probably want to buy one rather than attend a seminar. Use specific terms that closely relate to what you are selling.

Links to your web page are another important Internet business strategy. Links increase visitors who often become customers. Relevancy is the key. Links to your home page should be from sites with topics closely related to your business. Be descriptive with links. "Buy last seasons Coach handbags at closeout prices" entices more clicks than "Brand name liquidators."

Consider starting your own affiliate program. Its cost effective because you only pay other sites for the visitors they link to you. You can pay for visitors or pay if the visit results in a sale.

Online businesses do best with online marketing. However, do not discard the old media. Get a press release or article about your eBusiness in the local paper. Place an ad in the Yellow Pages or industry trade magazines.

Information Content

Do not just sell your product or service. Include articles, news and interesting facts relating to your eBusiness. Many customers will appreciate the information. In addition, reporters often look for information online. A blurb about your web site in their story might bring in more customers.

Customer Friendly

If your eBusiness customers are the general public, go easy on the industry jargon. Use nose jobs more than rhinoplasty if your cosmetic surgery site is aimed at patients rather than fellow medical personnel. This is also important when choosing keywords for search engines.

Go easy on graphics and other bells and whistles. These things tend to slow down page loads. A easy navigation system is one of the most important Internet business strategies. The average customer do not want to sit through mini films or music interludes to get to the information desired. If your web pages take too long to open, customers will surf elsewhere.
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