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How to Link Your Way to the Top of Google and Yahoo

Jul 18, 2008
Nobody creates a website or a blog to record their deepest, darkest secrets. If there is one thing those of us with websites have in common, it's the desire to generate more traffic...more visitors to our sites.

Even more important than increasing the total number of visitors to your site is boosting the number of visitors with a strong interest in its content.

Anybody can buy traffic, and most folks who do pay too much for it. But, wouldn't you rather get the free traffic that comes as a result of high search engine rankings?

Thus, one of the big secrets of promoting websites is not a secret at all. If you do not have (very!) deep pockets, you must have high enough search engine rankings to produce a substantial volume of organic traffic for your website.

The second million dollar "secret" is a little less obvious, but not surprising. The best way to get organic search engine traffic is by conducting a well-conceived, sustained link building campaign. Of course, the content of your site is important. Of course you must carefully choose your keywords, have them appear appropriately on your website, and use them in your link anchor text. But, once those things are done, your ongoing focus should be on obtaining high quality links.

Many website owners have received thousands of links (literally) by writing articles not unlike this one. If well received, a single article can result in nearly 1,000 links. And, there are organizations which will distribute your articles for a fee, and software programs which enable you to do so pretty quickly and easily.

You can also purchase software which makes it easy to find good sites to request links on and an automated system to contact the owners of those sites. Of course, you can accomplish the same thing without the need to buy software, but the software will save you lots of time and will almost certainly improve the results of your efforts.

In the more than five years since our organization began offering free search engine optimization tutorials, hundreds of our students have achieved dramatic gains in their search engine rankings. Consistently, most of them have told us that the single most important factor in their success has been their focus on a continuing effort to acquire high quality links.

If you are serious about the success of your website and you are not yet conducting an aggressive link campaign, you should begin doing so today.
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