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Marketing Strategies For Recession Proofing Your Business

Jul 18, 2008
Present economic conditions are now starting to put a strain on individuals and businesses alike. What do I mean by this? Unless you've been hiding under a rock or been out of contact without a newspaper or television, you would know that the United States is on the brink of a serious recession. Current interest rates drop by the Feds is a very good indication of this fact.

So, how do you avoid being put out of business during these tough economic times? You do all of the things that keep you in front of the largest amount of prospects and customers and you differentiate yourself from the crowd of businesses you compete against.

There are many sources of inexpensive or no cost methods of advertising your business that you must consider and act on right now. But, before we go on to those methods and how to use them let me tell you what your must valuable resource is in these tough economic times. It is your own customer database. How long ago was it since your last communication with them? If you have not sent them even a thank you card or letter for their last order or given them an unexpected bonus when they last visited your place of business or website, then you are in serious danger of losing them. There are other savvy business owners out there that understand the need to become a necessity to their clients. You need to be invaluable to them. You need to do things that your competitors are not doing. Especially if what you sell is a commodity type product or service. That scenario will have you competing only on price.

I teach my customers to utilize their stationery or printed products become their new marketing weapons. I just provide a source of marketing know how to make their use of their stationary produce better results than just that for which it was intended. In other words I now just became their marketing and advertising advisor. From my perspective dealing with lots of different businesses and studying the subject of marketing gives me a broad base of knowledge in it. I get great ideas for making our products produce more for our clients and with the least amount of cost and effort.

I teach my clients to use the back of their business cards as a giant billboard and put an ad there to attract more leads. I also teach them what to say on that billboard which is most likely to attract customers. Additionally, I teach them how to approach prospects in all different types of scenarios at networking events and present themselves more effectively when handing over a business card.

Am I making them consume my products? Am I making them more effective in their business? Am I making myself more invaluable? The answer to all of these questions is a resounding yes.

How do I know all this? What makes me more knowledgeable? In my business I have a huge advantage. I deal with more businesses from different industries than most other business out there. I am exposed to a lot of promotions from different industries. It seems that all industries have their own methods of promoting their business. I just creatively imitate their successes and avoid their failures.

You need to evaluate all of the knowledge that you have which is of value to your clients. You need to let them know that you can provide it for them. By doing this you just became an invaluable and indispensable asset to them. You began the process to recession proof your business.
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Juan J.R. Durruthy is President of the Xeucis Media Company, parent company of a marketing, publishing, printing and web development business. You can visit his site at http://www.ExtremeMarketingSuccess.com
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