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How To Earn Affiliate Income From Your Blog

Jul 18, 2008
Affiliate marketing is one of those terms that you must have read and come across more often than not.

Newspapers and magazines feature interviews of people who made their millions on internet and mostly through affiliate marketing. Some of you or people you know must have also tried their hands on affiliate marketing but did not get the results that the "internet millionaires" got.

Well, the point that I am trying to make here is that there's no denial to the fact that people have made millions from affiliate marketing, but you have to understand that they have done the right things at the right time. There are hundreds of affiliate marketing programs out there that promise a lot but deliver little in terms of value. You must understand a few things about affiliate marketing before you jump into it.

Affiliate marketing is not something that'll make you rich overnight. You will have to treat it like your company, the only difference being that you don't have to store anything or ship anything to make profits. So what is it that you have to do? Well, you have to promote a product that someone else wants to sell and you'll get a commission based on every sale that gets executed due to your efforts. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Well it's not so.

Internet is like an ocean and your blog like a fish. So unless you make sure that you have certain qualities that set you apart from others you can you'll have difficult time making money through affiliate marketing and surviving. So what are these qualities? Well, firstly you should be able to identify which products you can effectively promote or take the help of a professional or company that'll guide you through this jungle.

But why would somebody pay you for affiliate marketing? Well they will be ready to pay you because they are far more busy producing the goods for sale that they cannot manage marketing themselves. Apart from that search engine rules keep changing every now and then and stale content keeps getting pushed behind every day in the search results. So as an affiliate marketer you ensure that you keep the content updated and keep the matter from getting stale. And above all the seller has to pay you no upfront fee for marketing.

Affiliate marketing works on the basis of pay per click or pay per impression. So if you want to strike it big in the affiliate marketing world, the best way to start is by taking help from the professionals. So if you want to blog about something tie up with Google AdSense where they will place ads on your website relevant to the content that is there on your blog. So you will have to select some of the topics that you either know inside out or something that is really hot and selling like - affiliate marketing.

Another form of affiliate marketing could be tying up with companies like ClickBank and then directly marketing the particular product that ClickBank recommends. These are all online stuff like eBooks, software, manuals etc. basically everything that can be transferred instantly online. And every time that somebody buys the product through your website you get a commission on the sale amount which varies from product to product.

The basic difference between the two types is that if you tie up with ClickBank you know what you are promoting whereas the case with Google AdSense is a little different because you just supply content relevant to a niche and Google decides what ads are shown.
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