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How To Make Money From Video Marketing

Jul 18, 2008
If you look all over the Internet you will find that video sites are starting to popup left and right, and there is a reason for this. Video sites are becoming huge and very popular all across the world. Probably the most popular of them all is YouTube.com.

Now you can cash in on these sites popularity and start generating your own income by creating web videos that sell. When it comes to making videos for the web that sell there is a right way to do it and a wrong way. Most people unknownly do it the wrong way.

Lets take a look at the basic setup you will first need in order to crate a web video.

1. Computer
2. Webcam or camcorder, either one will work
3. Access to the Internet
4. Basic video editing software
5. YouTube.com account

Ok so once you have those five things setup you are ready to get started. Now the fun really begins. You first want to record your video. This can take some time if you do not plan it out. I suggest writing what you want to say on paper first then go from there.

The next step after you record your video is to upload it to your computer. I recommend you save it as either a movie file or an AVI file as these have good quality. Once you have it on your computer the next step is to open it up in some type of basic video editing software program.

After you open it up in the video editing program now you will want to add text over top of your video so you can right messages, or type the link to your website. This will allow people to see either your message or link to your website while they watch your video.

Now comes the easiest part, and that is to upload your video to your brand new You Tube account you created. One thing I recommend you do after you upload it to You Tube is in your video description put your link to your website. This will turn it into a link people can click on while watching your video. This is a great way to get traffic to your site.

With that said video sites are growing, and they are a great way to get free web traffic to your website it a matter just a few hours or days. It is easy to do once you get the hang of it, and it is completely free. The only expense involved is buying the webcam if you do not already have one.

Quick tip, the best videos are ones that are short, and funny. If you do not like being in front of the camera you can easily just make a video with music and images as they work well also.
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