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Connecting With Timely Content to Establish Credibility with Publishers

Jul 18, 2008
The same old same old is not something niche publishers want for their different online and print publications. They constantly seek out fresh material that keeps readers coming their way. Too often these publishers see rehashing of familiar material sent their way.

Some affiliate marketers, engaging in article marketing, want to get the content out with all their website links attached without providing the timely content that publishers and their readers crave. You can establish credibility with your niche publisher first and your readers second by providing timely content consistently.

You have to connect with your niche publisher first so as to have the door opened to their readership. When you send article content to a publisher you have to make sure it's suited to their needs. While the article must be of the length, format, and subject matter they desire, it also has to be fresh material.

A publisher does not really care about a well written article that speaks of events or topics that are outdated. They do not want articles that have no relevance to today. You cannot succeed with your article marketing efforts if you provide stale content that no one has an interest in reading. It won't get past a publisher who is looking for new and vibrant content.

Publishers within your niche will tell you exactly what they require in terms of article content. Go to a publishers website and find out who the editors are and shoot off an e-mail to one of them and ask them what their current topic needs are. They know their readership as a whole, and sub-groups of their readership as well. They will let you know exactly the kinds of topics they are looking for, and may even give you some topic suggestions.

Use their suggestions to formulate fresh material and they will ask you for more. This is a great way to establish credibility with a publisher. This is a great way to get that widespread article distribution you require. In doing so, you can connect with a large readership, who may click back to your affiliate site.

A niche publisher whom you deal with will also know what the latest trends are concerning the topic you are writing about. They know because their readership lets them know what the hot topics are that interest them. A publisher's job is to know his or her market inside out so they can supply them the content they need. If they don't supply timely and relevant content then they lose their readership and advertising revenue.

A publisher will know the latest news about a topic or product and what their market wants to read. That's why it's wise to connect with a publisher about new trends, new requests from their readership, and the latest news and innovations on your subject matter.

Timely content is not your old article content with dates and names changed to make the article appear as if it is updated. Timely content is content that is as current as today's headlines concerning issues related to your affiliate product.

When your articles are that fresh and speak to concerns readers have now, then you will get those click backs to your website. Your niche publisher will get the increased readership they desire. They will also get that positive feedback from their readers that they crave that let's them know they are meeting their readerships needs.

The best way to make your articles timely so that niche publishers accept them for their publications is to seek out your niche market to learn from them. Participate in chat forums and converse about your subject with others of like mind. Send out questionnaires to your customers and ask them to give you feedback on your affiliate product. Ask them what other information they require about the product and what it can do for them.

Then base your article content on this feedback. Your articles will be timely because they will be on topics that your customers and others are talking about now. Through what you learn in conversations, feedback sent to you, and chat forums, you will mold your article content. Your articles will be about what is on people's minds at the present time.

Give your niche publishers timely article content that they can pass on to their readers. They will gain a larger following as they continually provide fresh content. You will benefit from their larger readership through click backs to your website. When you give your niche publisher timely content you connect with them so they put your content on the priority list when you send it to them. It's a win-win situation for both of you.
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