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Top 6 Tips For Getting Your Man Back

Jinger Jarrett
Jan 8, 2014
Breakups are never easy, especially if you are the one that got dumped. Being a woman you have a lot more control over solving the problem and getting back together. If you want that relationship back with your man, there are some things you can do to make it happen.

1. Look at the reasons why you broke up.

This is the hardest part. You may not immediately see why you broke up. It takes a lot of thinking to figure it out. It's worth the time though because it can show you what you need to do to either heal the relationship or what to avoid in your relationships in the future.

2. Give your man some space.

Men are really not that complicated. They want relationships that are calm and happy. Having space is also important, especially if your man is having problems at work or is stressed out. Back away and give him time to process the situation. If you try to reconnect too soon, it could mean pushing him further away because he's not ready. Remember that when men have a conversation, they want to achieve an objective and solve a problem.

3. Make sure you take care of yourself.

This is the best time to give yourself some care. It's far more than just eating and getting rest though. Give yourself time to process your emotions. Think through the breakup and don't overanalyze. Accept what has happened so you are thinking clearly. Otherwise, if you do try to reconnect with your guy, you'll make the same mistakes with him you made before.

4. Keep a positive outlook.

You don't want to just keep a positive outlook about mending your relationship. Keep a positive outlook about your life. If this relationship doesn't work out, it doesn't mean you're not worthy of love or that you won't find love again. Relationships are sometimes a learning experience. Believe that you will love again, and you will.

5. Have your own interests.

Whether you are in a relationship or not, it's important to have your own interests. You don't want your whole life to revolve around your man. If it does, that can actually sabotage your relationship because your guy may perceive you as needy or clingy. Have fun and do things for yourself. Develop high self esteem and confidence too. Your guy will appreciate it, and it makes you more attractive.

6. Stay open minded.

If you want your guy back, it's possible to make it happen. Learn relationship skills to improve your ability to have successful relationships. Keep your options open. If you do try to heal the relationship and it doesn't work out, it's especially important for you to know that there are other guys out there that are available. Should your relationship fail, make it a learning experience. Give yourself time and learn from it. If you do decide to get back with your guy, learn from the mistakes too so you make it work this time.
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