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Choose Your Topics Carefully and Write to Excite

Jul 18, 2008
You know what it's like to search for some online content and come across an article with a headline that piques your interest. You are interested in what the article promises and look forward to reading it to get answers to your questions on a topic.

However, it's certainly disappointing when you get to the end of the article and find that it didn't deliver what it promised. You may have found the content boring and irrelevant. You know you just spent time for no gain. You gained no new knowledge and now must continue searching for solutions and information you require.

You do not want readers of your articles, whether online or in newsletters to experience what you have in the past when it comes to useless content. That's why it's very important that you choose your article topics carefully. That's why you then have to present them in an interesting fashion so you can form that connection with your readers.

As an affiliate marketer, you have to write articles that lead your readers from your articles back to your website. They will only follow the trail to your home if you provide them information that is meaty, not fluffy like cotton candy from a state fair.

Your potential customers get enough fluff from tacky TV advertising, and other cheap promotional marketing designed to get them to buy. You need to design your articles so they convey useful information. You don't want to give readers that fluffy cotton candy, you want to give your readers meat and potatoes.

Meat and potatoes writing fills a reader up with knowledge and satisfies. When you have articles that truly connect with a reader, they seek out your website. They desire to learn more about what you can offer them.

Choose article topics that are answers to questions you know a typical reader on a certain product or subject would have. Your article, when it answers their questions, provides solutions, and imparts new knowledge, is their doorway to your affiliate site.

If your affiliate product is organic green teas, you want to write an article that provides detailed information on why organically grown green tea is better for tea drinkers. You do not want to write an article that basically says, " Yes, I sell great green teas, they taste good and are good for you, so that's why you should drink them". That tells your reader nothing. It is an article that just relates headlines they've seen a thousand times about green tea. It's hype and offers them nothing of substance that answers questions.

A great article title for this affiliate product would be "Why the Antioxidant Properties of Organic Green Teas May Help Fight Cancer". That is an article that will have specifics, and will interest the health-conscious tea drinker. When they receive satisfying information from the article and then see your website link at the end, where do you think they will go? A fluff article that doesn't fill them up will probably be abandoned halfway through. That means your reader will not even get to your link, and hence not to you.

People are constantly scanning the web, magazines, and newsletters, for information. They want to see a headline for an article that sparks their interest. This way they can decide right away if the content will speak to their concerns. Once they decide to move past the headline to the article, they want that satisfying meat and potatoes meal the headline promised. They want the meat and potatoes served attractively, in an interesting way.

That's why your article is your creation, which you can prepare in your own unique way to satisfy specific readers' wants and needs. Choose meaty topics and serve them up in a way that makes readers want to dig in. Don't make the articles dry discourses akin to a psyche lecture at an institution of higher learning. Make them entertaining and informative, with lots of data, facts, and information presented in a breezy way that allows for comfortable reading.

Choose your topics carefully, write to excite so readers read right to the end where your links are. Give them a full meal so they can sit back satisfied and then head for the dessert table. That dessert table is your website where your affiliate products wait for them.
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