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Establish Connections by Being Consistent In Your Operations

Jul 18, 2008
The key to being a successful affiliate marketer is being able to connect to others you deal with in your business's circle of influence. You deal with different groups of people through the course of your work week. You deal with your niche publishers, your downline members, and your customers. You have to be consistent in your dealings with each group to form lasting connections with them.

When it comes to dealing with your niche publishers you have to provide them high-quality articles on a regular basis. In doing this you establish credibility with them. You let them know they can trust you to keep them supplied with fresh content. This makes their jobs as publishers easier. It also makes their editors jobs easier. It keeps their readers happy. Being consistent in supplying top-notch content to your publishers will net you more click backs to your website because they will make sure your content gets out there.

If you have a good personal relationship with a publisher who makes requests for specific content you need to be consistent in responding to their requests. While you call the shots when it comes to sending out your article content, sometimes they call the shots with personal requests. Make sure you respond to their requests as they make them. When you do you will have a niche publisher going to bat for your content every time. Publishers like consistent suppliers of quality. They will place you on a higher rung of the ladder than those who send them sub-standard content irregularly.

To be consistent with your downline members you need to keep in touch with them on a regular basis. When you contact them through e-mail, telephone, text-messaging, online video conferencing, in-person meetings and such you let them know you're behind their efforts to succeed. You let them know you are available to help them become better internet marketers. You also let them know you're consistent in your business operations and that they should be as well.

When you operate this way you instill these attitudes in your downline which spurs them on to greater achievement. Your downline will stay connected to you when you're consistent in your efforts to help them market their affiliate products. Help your downline stay connected to you and other downline members so there can be a sharing of marketing ideas. You will have less downline attrition when you work hard to keep that team dynamic an integral part of your operations. Be consistent in motivating and keeping your downline informed and you will see consistent affiliate revenue coming your way.

Consistency in dealing with your customers means providing them quality products, in a timely manner, and dealing promptly with their requests. Once you gain a customer for your affiliate product you have to make sure they always receive what they have ordered. You have to make sure they receive it when they want it, with all the guarantees in place you have promised them. When they contact you with specific requests or complaints, you have to deal with them fast. With your regular customers you have to deal with them this way all the time. Customers love consistent, quality service from businesses they deal with. You establish long-term connections when you are a consistent affiliate marketer to them.

The same goes when seeking after new customers. You have to be consistent in your marketing efforts. Plan your marketing efforts so that your affiliate product promotions and advertising go out to the niche markets you're after on a regular basis. Advertise consistently in publications and on web portals that reach the people you see as potential customers. The more often they see your name and affiliate product the more likely they are to click back to where they can find out more about the product. Consistency in your marketing efforts means you eventually establish a connection with new customers.

Be consistent in all aspects of your affiliate marketing business. When your niche publisher, your downline, and your customers know they can trust you to always be there for them they will go the extra mile for you. Your niche publisher will get your content out to a larger audience. Your downline team will work hard for you as they see you doing so for them. Your customers will seek you out when it comes time to buy again. Consistency in you business operations means consistent income as an affiliate marketer.
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