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Social Networking Monetized - A New Platform

Jul 18, 2008
Research, Research, Research, Social Networking is breaking new ground for the business owner, enabling one to see there financial dreams directly in front of them. Social Networking is taking the spot of the website. One will see a major change in the internet world considering Myspace has 200 million plus members with YouTube being the fourth largest. Myspace is telling you this is the place to be and we got 200 million people to back us up. It is called Social proof.

Spending time on marketing concepts is a must for one who wants to succeed in there home base business. Tracking all of your efforts will help you to see and determine what's hot and what's not. While on this journey, mistakes you are going to make, but that's ok. This will help you succeed. An easier way is to find a person who is successful in the field you want to do and mimic what he or she is doing. But most of all find your voice on the internet and let others get to know you. Build solid relationships through your blogs, websites and social networks. Get the word out there though submission directories. Give tons of value in what you specialize in. I guarantee that you will not go wrong and you will have more than enough prospects to work with.

These social networking sites are true internet phenomena, but they are just the beginning. When you go to a Website, you will no longer see a sales letter trying to get you to buy something. You will see a Social Networking Site with about 20,000 users who love this product or service. As a consumer, what goes through your mind when you see a huge number of customers on a company's site?

Hey just imagine for a moment that you have a wonderful product or service and you got 200 million people to say "yep he's right" All of those people couldn't be wrong. These social networking sites are truly mind boggling. These days almost everyone has heard of the internet or even has an email address. The internet is getting bigger and bigger every day. And it's not just on our computers any more. It's on our phones, portable devices and even our televisions. Now is the time to take advantage of the technologies and benefits of Web 2.0 and the overwhelming growth of Online Social Networking. There are other social networks out there of course that let you communicate online, but none that want to make you money. With ZenZuu and Synergy you can create an account in about 60 seconds free and immediately thereafter gain the ability to sign up unlimited users.

Zenzuu allows you to create a brighter financial future by allowing you to become a Zenzuu "REP". As a "REP" you can make direct commission, enjoy overrides from your world wide downline organization, receive matching bonus, partner development bonus, and more! Once you are a rep you have the ability to sign up UNLIMITED amounts of people which means your profit margins are limitless. You will build a stronger bond with your customers and prospects then you ever could before. And to make things even better, you will have the same viral elements that have allowed Myspace and YouTube to grow faster than any other sites on the Web.
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Robert Flowers is a known Network marketer, Real Estate Investor and Business Consultant. His current focus is on traffic generation. Learn more about how you can build your business through social networking Free! Watch the free video at: http://www.newsynergyonline.net
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