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15 minutes to Strategic Management

Jul 18, 2008
We all know what is like to have a hectic morning where you just don't seem like you had enough time to get ready or sleep or prepare for work. We rush in through the office door and then sit down and start to work on our list of tasks with the same frantic effort. We rush around over 5 or 6 different tasks starting several but never really knowing what we are accomplishing. We are busy the entire time we are at work but by the end of the day we aren't any closer to our goal then we were.

We won't be able to avoid those crazy mornings were time is short and we have to rush into the office. From there though we can control how the rest of our day goes. Imagine instead of rushing into the office and then frantically attacking your tasks with the same haphazardness you instead sit down and a lot yourself 15 minutes to adjust.

Those 15 minutes are dedicated to strategically managing your time so that you can be as effective as possible. You visualize what you are going to do that day and how. You may know how to do your tasks but have you stopped to think if you are doing them the best way possible? Is there a faster more effective way to do those same tasks rather then just letting tradition govern your routine?

Also during those 15 minutes you pull out a sheet of paper and make two lists. One list are the things you have to get done today in the order they need to be accomplished. That way you can start on those very first and ensure that you accomplish them. The second list you make is at least one if not more, ideas of something that you can do that day to make your tasks more effective.

Then at the top of the paper write the overlying goal that you have for the day. Something pretty general that you can focus on. For instance 'be a better communicator' or 'Keep track of my time better' or 'Do more than is expected'. Learning this strategic management technique isn't for people looking to go to work put in their hours and go home. It is for those people who want to excel and learn from what they are doing.

Strategically managing your time is one of the best ways you can become a better employee. Employers want someone willing to make the business better and if you can make your area as efficient and productive as possible then you are accomplishing that goal.
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