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When In Business Remember Your Values And Your Principles

Jul 18, 2008
The pressures people face as entrepreneurs can at times become burdensome. You are the boss, the one person within your company that is ultimately responsible for everything that goes on. Sometimes you may feel all alone in the world that makes up your life. And sometimes the pressure can seem overwhelming. Being in business for yourself does not mean living in a perfect world. So when challenges arise and things become difficult remember what your own personal set of values and principles are. They will help to make up who you are and how you want to run your business. Values like honesty, integrity, trust, and treating others like you would like to be treated should not be taken lightly.

In business your values and principles are important and should never be sacrificed for any reason. But they will be put to the test on many occasions. So how might your values be challenged by your business. Let's start with your employees. Depending on what kind of business you own your employees will come from all walks of life. They will vary in the cultures they come from, age, race, gender, and education levels. And at times they will do things that they should not. How will you handle them? If your business needs them bad enough will you look the other way when they do something wrong? What if they treat other employees badly or try to take advantage of you because they know how badly that you need them. Will you sacrifice your values and principles because you are worried by what would happen if they leave or will you make the right choice and get rid of them.

What if a customer puts you in a compromising position about doing further business with your company? Maybe an employee of theirs demands a kickback or something if you want to continue to receive their business. How will you handle such a situation? Do you risk turning them in knowing it could cost you that customer? You have to ask yourself what will cost you more. Standing up for what you believe in knowing it could hurt your company or giving in knowing it could hurt you. We can always come up with excuses for giving in; it's taking a stand personally that is hard to do.

The choices you face as you develop and grow your business with be hard. Some will test your principles. They will force you to consider how far you are willing to go to get ahead and make your business a success. So choose carefully because the decisions you make now can affect you greatly in the future. One small exception to your values and principles can lead to bigger exceptions later.
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