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Workplace Reality Checks: The Three M's and Office Depot Coupon Codes

Jul 18, 2008
The corporate world is famous for being a dog-eat-dog world and a rat race. But since you are neither a dog nor rat acting solely on basic instincts, there are things you need to know and accept if you want to successfully survive the corporate world.

Tread Lightly on Mails

Unlike easily accessible Office Depot coupon codes used by your office, electronic mails are another matter. Of course, you can hack your way into the e-mails of your co-workers but this is highly unacceptable behavior. It can cost you your job, which in this time of recession is not a possibility you should be courting.

You need to avoid using capital letters on your e-mails. It is the electronic version of yelling and it is difficult to assess the point being emphasized. Why not opt for stronger words and better writing?

You have to avoid sending e-mails that you do not want in your personnel file. Unlike paper mails where you can shred the copies, e-mails are not as easily disposed of. You might just find your ranting and raving e-mail circulated in the building, which unfortunately cannot be redeemed easily unlike Office Depot coupon codes.

Know What Matters Most in Memoranda

Know how to spot the core essence of memos. Take note of the issuing person, look at the subject heading calmly, read the body of the memo objectively, and then take a few moments to digest the message. You have to avoid knee jerk reactions since office memos are ideally not issued in the same vein.

Even if the memo is about something as trivial as a slight error on the use of the Office Depot coupon codes, you have to analyze the situation first. Always remember that the misuse and abuse of any office resources, even if it is just the 10% Office depot coupon codes, could well represent big savings when taken in aggregate. After all, 10% savings in recession is still savings.

Once you have digested the message, you can then take appropriate action. Just be sure that your actions will be good additions to your personnel file; so, think twice, thrice if you have to.

Sometimes, the most important things in memos are the cc's. No matter how little the fonts, take note of the cc's just in case you need to make a report/reply. Besides, it could not hurt to know what unit has files of the memos.

About Meetings

Like Office Depot coupon codes, you can get bonuses from meetings. They might be long but they do serve a purpose. However, when you organize a meeting, always remember that without the right people, the right agenda, and the right venue, there will be more than one meeting. If so, the first meeting is a total waste of time. Better that you get all the right factors in place. And throw in some food, too, as a bonus!

Also, unlike Office Depot coupon codes that you can use immediately, meetings just never seem to end immediately as soon as the time is up. You have to allocate more time for the meeting to end than you anticipate, say about 50% more time. Unless you are the Chairman of the Board, perhaps?

Just remember these three M's and you will see that reality does not have to bite so hard.
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