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How to Make Some Serious Jack Selling Ebooks Online

Jul 18, 2008
Just about anyone can create an Internet marketing ebook. All you have to do is read some poor-quality Internet marketing articles, re-hash the material, put it into PDF format, and use bold, size 36 font to artificially boost the page count. After a single night of frantic paraphrasing and borderline-plagiarism, you should have a poor-quality PDF that you can trick at least a few people into buying.

You are now ready to write your salespage. Fill it with outright lies, false promises, and dubious claims that cannot be verified. Last, plaster spammy links to your ebooks on people's blogs and in public forums. Ignore any rules that say you can't do that. Your goal here is to make $1,000,000 by tomorrow afternoon. You don't have time to write a good ebook and market it in a sensible and honest way. That might take a whole week.

If the above paragraphs sound familiar then you've probably spent some time reading Internet marketing ebooks. Many of the get rich quick internet marketing schemes will tell you to do something quite similar. They'll tell you to ignore sensible marketing plans; to forget writing high-quality ebooks; and to instead focus on churning out low-quality info products and ramming them down people's throats before they get the chance to think (and realize your deal is a total waste of money).

I'm going to advocate that you do something entirely different. First, calm down. You aren't going to make $1,000,000 tonight, so stop creating fantasy business plans that involve you getting rich tomorrow. Second, once you've dampened your expectations start thinking about how your unique set of knowledge and skills can benefit Internet marketers. Big sellers are big sellers for a reason: they know who wants what; and they deliver it to them. It makes selling a whole lot easier.

Thus, figuring out what people want is a great insertion point for you as an aspiring Internet marketing ebook writer. So what is it that people want? And how can you figure it out? Most people will tell you to look on Internet marketing forums for hot topics. I don't suggest you do this. Instead, try this: think hard about the Internet marketing problem that gives you the most trouble. If something is giving you a lot of problems, it's probably also giving other people problems, too.

Let's say you have a tough time with traffic generation. If that's the case, you should spend your time figuring out how to solve your own traffic generation problem. Read forums and ebooks. PM experts and interview them. Test everything you've read; take copious screenshots of the results; and then compose your ebook with this material. Not only will you solve your problem in the process, but you will also get tangible results that you can write about. If you don't have an easy way to create PDFs, download a program called Open Office. All you have to do is click a single icon to convert your writing into PDF format.

Once you have completed your ebook, making sales is a simple matter of creating a strong salespage and then advertising in the right venues. If you think you may be able to find some affiliates for your product, then you may want to open an account at Clickbank. You will pay a one-time fee of $50 to sell your ebook through them; however, they will deal with all of the affiliate linking and payment issues for you, which will save you time and effort.

In contrast (or in addition), you may want to setup a payment link through PayPal and then advertise in a bunch of smaller, better-targeted venues, such as forums. Since you're selling an IM product, your best bet may be the WSO section at the Warrior Forum - a great online forum for itnernet marketers. Whatever you decide to do, keep the following strategy in mind: think long-term, sell things that people want, and find people who actually want to buy. You won't make $1,000,000 by 3PM tomorrow afternoon, but you may make it over the next couple of years.
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