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Protect Office Secrets on a Budget: Use the Coupons For Office Depot, et Al.

Jul 18, 2008
The protection of your office's confidential information is of utmost importance. Identity theft and fraud and just two of the dangers posed by lapses in security over classified office documents, whether on paper or on disk. Here are a few tips to help you protect yourself on a budget using your coupons for Office Depot.

Use Paper Shredders

Before you shred those documents on the relatively cheap paper shredder you purchased with coupons for Office Depot, ask you lawyer and accountant. There are government regulations regarding the length of time and the types of documents that must be filed for future reference. You need to set a timetable for all business documents like receipts and invoices, permits and licenses, annual financial reports and tax documents.

Install Spy Cameras

There are issues regarding the installation of spy cameras in the workplace. However, you can discuss these issues with your employees, mainly by highlighting the need for security and the presence of spy cameras only in public areas. You have to balance privacy issues with security matters, which can be tricky but attainable.

As to cost, you need not spend much as you can always use your coupons for Office Depot to avail of discounted spy cameras.

Watch Where You Talk

Being very careful and mindful of what you say to whom and where you say it will not reduce your horde of coupons for Office Depot. You can always conduct client conversations and co-worker discussions behind closed doors. Always assume that somebody will overhear/eavesdrop and use the information against you.

This applies even to your phone calls. If you have to answer a phone call in a public place, try to tone down your voice. Or find a more private spot. Or tell the caller you will come back to him.

Lock Up the Computers

Your computers can be locked up, literally and figuratively. If you can afford it, opt for computer closets that have locks. Use your coupons for Office Depot to purchase appropriate closets and locks if you are in a tight bind.

In addition to physical locks, you can install virtual locks. Indeed, passwords and encryption are still one of the best protections. You need passwords to enter the computer and you can install security software to encrypt the hard disk. If necessary, hire your trusted computer expert to help you protect your computers from virtual theft. The benefits will outweigh the costs.

Careful Handling of Documents

Make it office protocol to never leave sensitive documents on top of desks where others can peruse them. If the person has to leave the desk, make sure that the documents are kept safely in the drawer.

As to shared filing cabinets, make sure that these have locks and only the person authorized to handle the documents therein have possession of the keys. If budget is again an issue, there are cheaper alternatives using coupons for Office Depot that are as durable and as strong as their more expensive counterparts.

When you add in common sense and caution to these tips, you will find that your secrets are safe from predatory eyes and ears.
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