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Stop Selling To Increase Your Sales

Aug 17, 2007
Does this sound familiar?

You have always dreamed of running your own home based business.

After searching and researching work at home opportunities, you have found the one with a good business plan and a great product.

Even before receiving your inventory, you are spreading the word about your wonderful new business venture.

You have studied the information, perhaps even memorized it and tell everyone all the details and virtues of your product.

You are not making sales.

How can this be? What are you doing wrong? What is the key to making this work?

Well, there is a key to making sales and that key is to simply stop selling.

Start over again and introduce yourself first. People will want to get to know you before they will be interested in your business or product. Create an irresistible attraction to you and you will never have to sell again.

These are some qualities you will want to develop and nurture.

1. Have integrity in everything that you do and with everyone that you approach or contact. Above anything else, integrity is a virtue you should strive for continuously in your daily life, for yourself, with your family, friends, business partners and customers. Not only will you earn respect, but you will help people to feel at ease.

2. Always be considerate, trustworthy and have a fun attitude. People are naturally drawn to fun people, people with charisma and charm. Some of us have natural charisma, some of us do not, but it is a simple trait to develop. Bring a fun attitude to all your interactions and remember to share your gift. Give everyone your smile.

3. Listen. Stop talking and truly listen to the person speaking. Listen without thinking of a response. Repeat something you have heard back to them, followed by a question or solution. Knowing you are truly listening to their questions or concerns will deepen your customers trust and appreciation.

4. Strive to be dependable, organized and willing to take that extra step. Word of mouth will spread about you when you develop these traits. This the best free advertising you can get for yourself and your business. Whenever someone finds a reliable source they will readily share the information and you have created a win-win situation for yourself and your customer. Keep current with any new products or services provided by the company and share this news with your customer base via email, flyers or a newsletter. Offer a discount on new products and reward both your first time customers and the loyal users of your products and services.

5. Stay inspired, believe in yourself and the company you have chosen. Never stop reading or listening to something inspirational and then pass it on to your family, friends and customers. Gently share your perceptions with others. Offer something of value and interest to your contacts. Not every interaction need be business or sales oriented.

Now that you have some ideas and steps to follow, take the necessary time to rethink your approach. Set some goals, take daily action and be disciplined and determined with your business. Take responsibility for your actions, never give up and remember, whether you think you can or cannot do this, you are right.
About the Author
Karen Singer, a diamond team leader, runs a fun, successful home business. Passionately committed to her customers, she enjoys coaching others to success. To learn more about Karen and her business go to: http://www.network-from-home.com
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