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Blogging - How To Beat The Competition

Jul 18, 2008
I have been reading through a lot of success blogs recently and a common question which seems to appear over and over again is how do I beat my competition. How are you going to ensure all your hard work pays off and does not just jump into the middle of the many businessesout there. How are you going to stand out

I firmly believe that there is a basic stratergy to dealing with competition nomatter what area or field you find yourself working within. There is only one catch, I know you will be able to apply to what ever you are working on, but it is tough and thats just the way it is I'm afraid.

In fact like anything in life success usually comes the hard way, find out what te tough areas are in your business and work on them, the kind of problems which seperate do'ers from the doubters. Hard problems will require a considerable amount of effort but are usually easier to compete within. Just being willing to go after the biggest challnges in your business will set you apart from the crowd.

My Blogging Example,When I first started this site I decided to focus on some of the major areas of running an online business and personal developement. I knew thi was going to take considerably more effort and trust me the research I do for some my articles will take me a 12 hour day.

It is really hard to focus in on the important things in acheiveing success, but I know it means my writing makes a unique contribution. My focus tends to stay away from the mundane side of my topic, like saving money on your mortgage, getting your computer to run faster, downloading free ebooks. There are millions of sites created around these themes, I like to go to the route of what stops people from succeeding in life and then try and give all the knowledge I have on the area.

I also make a concious effort to make everyone of my articles worth reading, this sometimes mean spending 6 hours a day writing, but when you get positive feedback in your comments or by email it all seems worth it. Some think blogging is the easy way to cash but I promise you if you really want to succeed your going to have to dig deep and take no short cuts with your work. Many people create a blog and half of their articles have been copied from ezine or articlebase. Where is the originality. Who is going to buy into that? Do you see my point. Writing your own original work which you have researched and experimented with is so much fulfilling and the reward is that you improve the more you learn.

Fitness Example. About 2 years ago I decided I wanted to change my physical body, really wanted to be more toned and in tip top condition. I attempted to go running on a morning and do some press ups on a night. I got in quite good shape but ultimately I wanted more than that. I knew to get my body to the level I wanted it would mean a strict diet plus regular sessions at the gym with a personal trainer.

This was hard for me to do at first as money was not abundant and I was busy studying and working. Even so I gritted my teeth and did it, it was hard work but the results made it all worth it. So how do you beat the competition. By doing the things the majority wont, dont or cant.

Look where the crowd are going and then turn around and go the opposite direction, your chanes are better. You need to discover what your strenghs are in life and use them to solve a problem only few can. Everybody has different strenghs, talents and abilities. I have always wanted to help people grow, I get a real sense of fulfilment from it, I have had an ability from an early age to be able to communicate well with people and be able to express myself clearly both in the spoken word and on paper. Hence the site and area of my expertise.

You don have to look at it as beating the competition, look at it more like your doing the things the competition wont and creating your own custom niche. Try to figure out what your capable of doing which makes other people want to quit! When you get obsessed with a problem that people say is impossible your probably getting warm.

Competition is healthy. Never forget that competition is healthy, it allows us to seriously analyze where we are in life and make plans to step up. It can be one of our biggest motivation tools. My Sister-in-law struggled for years with her weight until one day her husbands x girlfriend moved into the street. Can you guess what happened. Within a year she lost 98lbs and is as confident and vibrant as she has ever been. Thrive on the competition and let it help you rise to better things in life.
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