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Niche Markets and AdWords Campaigns

Jul 18, 2008
Not everyone is going to fit the perfect customer profile when it comes to your products or services. As a smart business owner, you have to know your niche, which is that particular segment of the population that is going to have interest in buying your product or service.

If they are to be effective, your AdWords campaigns have to address your particular niche. This means that you'll need to know exactly who your customers are and why they buy your product or service. In turn, you'll develop a focused keywords list from that.

Who is your customer, and who is potentially buying your product or service? If you are to be successful, you're going to develop a profile of your typical customer. Your titles, keywords and descriptions have to appeal to this person. If the person is health-conscious, for example, your titles and keywords have to address that. Basically, you want to develop keywords and titles that capture the exact attention of your desired audience. For example, "heart healthy ground beef recipes" are much more likely to capture a health-conscious audience's attention than simply "easy hamburger recipes."

When you reach the right market, your niche, you need to avoid as much as you can the costs associated with clicks by people who aren't going to buy your product or service. You want to avoid attracting viewers who will click but not buy, because you'll pay a higher CPC rate without improving your sales. For example, if your conversion rates are low, that's a good sign that your ads are too broad to reach just your target market.

Why do customers buy? It's been suggested by marketing experts that people buy for one of three reasons: they need to take care of a basic need, they need to solve a problem, or they need to create positive feelings for or about themselves. What does this mean for you as a marketer? This means that your AdWords campaigns should tell the potential buyer what specific need will be satisfied, what problem will be solved, or what self-image improvement will happen because the customer purchases the product or service.

Those who search a specific term are given a list of hits when they hit "enter." They'll need to have a very strong reason to choose one versus another. If your ad titles are effective, this will increase to click-through rates. This will mean a lower CPC for you and better qualified leads coming to your pages.

If you want to focus more closely on your niche market, you can also use negative keywords. When these words are included in a viewer's search, the ad will NOT appear in the results. To choose accurate negative keywords, you'll need to do several things. First, you'll need to use a keyword research tool, and enter the keywords you've chosen for your site. A list of phrases that searchers commonly use and that contain those words will be produced. For example, if you sell tulips, you might see that "pictures of tulips" is a frequently used phrase. A negative keyword such as "pictures" would prevent your particular ad from showing one of if viewers simply once an image of a tulip instead of actual tulips themselves.

In addition, if you use keyword phrase matching, you'll better ensure that the ad will reach the viewers you want it to. You can also use common misspellings, variations in spelling, interchanged words and plural and singular forms of keywords to allow the maximum number of customers or potential customers to see the ad in response to a search they're doing.

If you know your niche and you reach that segment of the market, you can better increase your chances of success with an AdWords campaign.
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