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Believe It Or Not, Your Briefcase Can Make A Fashion Statement About You

Aug 17, 2007
Does your briefcase tell people that you are successful? Does it give the message that you are confident or intelligent? What message do you want it to send? For probably the same reason a pro football team does not wear pink flowered uniforms you may want to be sure what message your briefcase is sending.

Although it may not be as big a statement as a purse for a woman, a briefcase does make a statement about a man. While they do not carry it everywhere they go they do carry it to everywhere that is important to their business life. Therefore, it makes a statement; it makes it clear who you are and what you stand for. It is generally regarded that leather gives off the message that the man is "elegant and stylish." After all, one of the first things that someone would notice about the briefcase the skin.

You should also know that a zipper is a much more casual look where a buckle is more stylish. The man who wants to look more stylish needs to keep these things in mind when choosing the briefcase to carry. Another thing to consider when shopping for the perfect briefcase is to think about someone that you look up to and what they carry. What do you admire him for? His accomplishments? His work habits? For a technical type job a shoulder strap is often used and I feel that it is all right to do so. But for the general businessman it is not something I think that they should do if they can avoid it. It is nice if you can choose a briefcase that matches more of your suits but obviously you will not match them all, because hopefully you do not wear all of the same kind of suits. A briefcase that matches your suit and that you carry at your side looks much more comfortable than one that you must use a shoulder strap for.

Definitely look at your closet before choosing a briefcase. It is important to try to coordinate it with your wardrobe and to consider what your shoes and belts look like as well. Black and particular colors of brown can be very refined and adaptable to your wardrobe. You should consider the briefcase as part of your wardrobe rather than just something you carry in your hand. You want the briefcase to send the message that you are a successful, confident, intelligent businessman. Your shoes, belt, and briefcase should all be coordinated.
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