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Effective Use Of Multi-Tabling

Jul 19, 2008
When playing more than one table concurrently is called multi-tabling. You are able to have one or more tables opened by using the software from the poker site you have decided to play at. The larger the resolution on your screen the more tables you are able to position. An example of a possible screen layout would be to have four tables, each requiring a quarter of it.

Some players feel that it is very difficult to maintain focus while playing internet poker due to distractions in the home, for example the television or children, but when you are multi-tabling, you are in action numerous times as often, so there is less chance your focus will wander. In addition, if you are a quality player and dividing your attention between multiple games does not have a detrimental affect on your playing skill, you could multiply your win rate by the number of games you can play at once.

Table selection and game selection have always been important factors in poker ? if you have not thought about it before you need to now. If you are playing to make money? and why would you not be? Table selection is vital, at most online poker sites you'll have a variety of tables to choose from at your limits. However, it is definitely true that some networks have significantly higher proportions of weak players than others, so finding these players will lead to greater rewards.

With playing more tables comes more hands to deal with quicker and constantly. This can lead to poor decision making of what would normally be an easy decision when playing on just one table. The knowledge you would normally have learned of your opponents will be nonexistent. It is important to watch how your opponents play no matter if you play internet poker or offline poker. There might be less to watch for during online play, but when multi-tabling you could definitely lose out on valuable knowledge.

Starting off with four tables from the start is ill advised, you are much better to start with two tand work your way up. Always being careful to make sure you are profitable at the current number of tables, before moving up to even more. Playing alternate poker game types at the same time is not a good idea, for example, playing Hold'em and Omaha together, although if you are certain you can handle this and have become adept at multi-tabling, then there is no reason not to.

Adjusting how you use your bankroll and the type of poker you play is advised when playing this way. Although a smaller profit will be made, using the same strategy at each low limit table for instance, can yield easy results, especially by the expert players.

Limit games are much easier to multi-table, though there are some people who can eight-table no-limit games as well. Again, follow a tight-aggressive style and stick to basics. Limit Hold'Em is the easiest and fastest game to multi-table, since most decisions are pretty much standard.
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